March 16, 2022

With over 43 million baseball hats being sold every year, it's clear to see that Americans love to wear this fun and stylish fashion accessory. If you're on the lookout for the perfect gift for your loved ones, you can't go wrong with a traditional baseball cap.

What would make that gift even more special is to turn it into a custom baseball hat that caters to your loved one's personality and interests. From color options to embroidery, you'll have the chance to put thought into every aspect. It shows your loved one that you care in a way that other gifts can't symbolize.

If you're new to custom hats, it can be easy to get lost in all the options. We're here to help.

Keep reading to learn how to put together a gift that never fails to impress!

1. Figure Out the Preferred Hat Style

Not all embroidered baseball caps are the same. While most caps look similar at first glance, there are often subtle differences that can make or break the way the hat feels to wear.

The biggest thing to consider is the back closure strap.

The most common style is a strip of plastic that snaps into predetermined holes. The problem with this is that not everyone's head fits within these restrictions. Either the fit is a little too small or a little too tight, but never quite right.

That's why the best kind of closure is a cloth band with a metal clasp. This allows for intricate size adjustments and gives everyone the chance to find the perfect fit for their cap without any trouble.

Your loved one gets to wear their cap with full confidence and style!

2. Pick the Right Size

The next main thing you'll want to think about is the size of the hat. Toddler baseball hats won't work for grown men no matter how much the strap is adjusted so it's an important detail.

It sounds tricky, but finding the right size is easier than you might think. Because hats are adjustable, you often only need to select the right category for a good fit. For example, focus on men's baseball hats for that favorite grown man in your life and it'll fit like a dream.

The good news is that we offer hats in a wide variety of categories so that you'll have no trouble picking the right size for your loved ones of all ages!

3. Think About a Theme

With so many customization options, it can be overwhelming to figure out what embroidery to put on your gift hat. One of the best ways to tackle this problem is to come up with a theme for your gift.

A classic choice is to use the person's first initial to personalize the hat. The cool thing about this is that, unlike hobbies or other interests, their first name doesn't change throughout the years.

They'll get to wear that hat with pride their entire life.

Another great theme is to celebrate a new life in the family. New parents want to show off their love and excitement about their newborn and their recent status as a parent. A Mama baseball cap gets that message across with unmatched style.

4. Consider Their Hobbies and Interests

Sometimes it's better to take a look at the person's interests to spark inspiration. Instead of initials, you could choose a symbol that represents your loved one's personality or hobbies.

An embroidered heart looks cute on women's baseball caps and you can't go wrong with a simple smiley face for a person who's always optimistic. If they're part of a sports team, you could choose to embroider their jersey number on the cap to show your support in their sporting adventures.

There's no limit to the way you can mix and match themes!

5. Balance the Colors

When you give someone a gift, you want it to be eye-catching and vibrant. Our customized hats have so many options that it's easy to pick cool colors that don't look as cool once they're put together.

Before you settle on a design, make sure to take a step back and take a good look at the cap. Does it read well from a distance? Do the colors clash?

Don't be afraid to adjust things to make a harmonious color scheme. That's what customization is all about. By taking a moment to gauge the color balance, you'll create a gift that looks great from every angle.

6. Don't Forget the Back

While the front of a baseball cap gets the most attention, there are lots of things you can do to the back as well. If you have the symbol of a clover on the front, why not write something inspiring on the back? Something that'll give your loved one even more luck and energy.

Children like having their names on things, and the back section of the baseball hat is an easy way to do that. They'll love the fact that they won't have to share with their siblings, too!

7. Group the Gift-Giving

Gifts are often better when they're given to an entire group of people. It brings families and friends closer together and it gives everyone a sense of connection.

When you consider getting one person in the family a baseball hat, why not give everyone else a similar one? It's adorable to see your sister's children wearing matching hats that say things like "Little Bro'" and "Big Bro".

It's a creative way to give your family a new bonding experience!

Choosing a Custom Baseball Hat as a Gift Is Always a Homerun

One of the best things about a custom baseball hat is the fact that it's an easy gift that everyone adores. A baseball cap is already a time-tested gifting option by itself. When you add personalization into the mix, it turns that hat into something special that'll bring joy every time a person wears it.

Have fun with customizing hats for the loved ones in your life and it'll be a win-win for everyone!

Looking to give someone you love a baseball cap as a gift? Check out our shop for all the best customization options that are perfect for everyone in the family!

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett