March 16, 2022

Did you know taking family photos can increase a child's self-esteem by 37%?

Getting photographed together helps family members feel like they belong to a family unit. It's also lots of fun and results in stunning visual keepsakes. 

But planning for your photo shoot can be stressful. What should you consider for props, outfits, and locations?

Stress no more! Keep reading for ten great family photo ideas that will add pizzazz to your family photoshoot. 

1. Initials

Simple, yet classic: have everyone in the family wear a baseball cap with their first initial on it. Let everyone pick their favorite color, or make all the caps the same color for a coordinated look.

The added bonus with this idea is that it makes matching names with faces a cinch. If you're going to be giving these photos to extended family and friends, or treasuring them for generations, initials let viewers easily tell who is who.

2. Big Bro/Little Sis

This is one of the most adorable kid photo ideas. Label each child in your squad with Big Bro, Little Bro, Big Sis, or Little Sis. 

Make your kids the stars. But be sure to take some photos with the whole family, too! Rey to Z has hats for Grandma, Grandpa, Gigi, Pops, and more.

We even have a Bubs hat to complete the gang!

3. Spell It Out

This fun idea works best with large groups! Buy everyone a classic ball cap with a letter on the front, such as our new dusty sage caps. But plan ahead: use the letters to spell out a word or even a short phrase! 

There are many ways you can go with this creative photo idea. Spell out your family's last name, or the name of someone you're celebrating. Or, spell out the name of your vacation destination!

You could also spell out a motto or catchphrase that evokes your group's mood, like "LOVIN IT" or "GOOD TIMES." Phrases with short words, like "NO BAD DAYS," lend themselves well to funny family arrangements within the photo. 

You could even use your hats to spell out a famous person's name, for a unique celebrity shoutout! Who knows? You might get an acknowledgment from the famous person themself.

4. Match With Dolly

Your heart will melt when you see how cute these photos are. Pose your kiddo holding their favorite toy or doll--who is wearing a mini matching baseball cap!

Rey to Z now offers tiny doll versions of our initial ball caps. Doll hats come in navy or pink and are perfect for American Girls, stuffed animals, and other beloved toys.

To complete this look, get your child a coordinating full-size version from our collection of kids and toddler baseball caps.

5. Maternity

Take your maternity photos wearing a Mama hat from our women's baseball caps collection. Show off your personal style through your choice of hat colors and patterns, from pink daisies to camo. You can even rest a doll-sized cap on your baby bump.

Make sure most of the photos center around you and your growing belly--that's the whole point of the photos, after all! But feel free to take some photos with your spouse, other kids, and pets as well. There are tons of great maternity photoshoot tips that will help you achieve the perfect keepsake for remembering this special time.

6. Smiley Faces

Get the whole family in a good mood with smiley face hats. You can find these ranging in size from toddler baseball hats to adult. Smiley hats are especially effective when taking photos at exciting locations, or on vacation.

For example, consider a carnival or festival setting. Take pictures with a Ferris wheel or roller coaster in the background. And let everybody hold cotton candy, corn dogs, or candied apples; your favorite snacks will add interest to the photo.

Check out this article for more ideas on props and locations

7. Numbers

The possibilities for numbering your family are countless. You can start with your firstborn as number 1, then proceed in the order your kiddos were born. Or, you can start with grandma or grandpa as 1, and number everybody in the order they entered the family. 

Line everybody up by height, and number them starting with the shortest. Or, you can do random numbers, and see what your family members pick! Their lucky number may surprise you.

Alternatively, you go for a Thing 1 / Thing 2 reference and choose bright clothing and props to enhance the Dr. Seuss vibe.

8. Hearts

Hearts are not just for February! Cultivate a love-centric theme any time of the year with our ball caps featuring terry cloth hearts

These can be great at events honoring a special family member, like grandma or grandpa. Get them "Gigi" or "Pops" caps, and have everyone else cluster around sporting hearts. 

Or, to celebrate your anniversary, you and your spouse can wear "Mama" and "Dad" caps while your kids wear heart caps and pretend to serve you fizzy drinks and cake. 

9. Easter Surprise

Easter is one of the best times for taking family photos. Everyone gets dressed up nice in spring pastels and patterns. And there's candy and cute bunnies everywhere!

Why not surprise your family with custom baseball hats in their baskets? Then, when it's time to take candid family photos, everyone will have a brand new coordinating hat to show off.

10. Summer Dreams

With summer just a few months away, most of us are already dreaming of warm sun and outdoor activities. Take advantage of this by planning your summer-themed family photos now.

Take family photos with sports themes like baseball, and create custom "team" hats for each family member. Or sprawl out at the beach, flaunting matching caps to keep the sun out of your eyes. Pose with summery props like popsicles, kites, and balloons.

Have Fun With These Family Photo Ideas

Matching custom baseball caps make family photos look coordinated and professional. There are many fun themes you can find at Rey to Z, from shamrocks to smiley faces. You can even get hats to match your dolls!

Our ordering process is easy and fast. You can even add personalized embroidery on the back!

We hope you enjoyed this list of family photo ideas. Start browsing our complete collection of kids', women's, and men's baseball hats today, or contact us for more information!

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett