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Denim Baseball Hat with white letter R

Denim Baseball Hat

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Camo Baseball Hat personalized with Letter C

Camo Baseball Hat

Regular price $26.00

Hot Pink kids baseball hat

Hot Pink Baseball Hat

Regular price $26.00

Q baseball hat in navy with white letter

Navy Baseball Hat

Regular price $26.00

Now offering Custom Embroidery

Want to personalize your hat even further? We're now offering custom embroidery on the back of each hat. You pick the text & color!


  • Letters

    Choose your letter. Available for both adults and kids.

  • Colors

    A variety of colors to choose from. Contact us directly for custom color inquiries at

  • Makes a great Gift

    Perfect for friends and family. Birthdays, holidays, teams, and more.

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Perfect Room Decor

Hang these in your nursery or kids room for a simple decoration that you all will love.

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  • Rey to Z - Kid and adult baseball hats
  • Rey to Z - Kid and adult baseball hats
  • Rey to Z - Kid and adult baseball hats

What Our Customers Say

  • Lauren, Brooklyn

    "We used the hat as a nursery decoration when my son was first born - such a nice personalized touch. Now that he is bigger, he wears the hat everywhere!"

  • Michelle, Chicago

    "I’m a boy mom and we want to match our kids just like moms & daughters! It can be hard to find something that works for everyone, but these baseball hats are a great way to do so. My sons love them and wear them all the time, and I throw mine on every weekend."

  • Stephanie, San Diego

    "With the letters on each hat, my kids can’t argue about who's hat belongs to who.  The fact that the hats are adjustable are an extra bonus too - easily fits with plenty of room to grow!"