Easter Gift Guide - Rey to Z

Easter Gift Guide

March 15, 2021

Here comes Peter Cottontail, and boy are we happy to see him!  Spring has sprung!  Well, not exactly...Chicago is expecting snow this week, but hey, we are definitely getting closer.  Like most holidays over the past year, Easter
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St. Patrick's Gift Guide - Rey to Z

St. Patrick's Gift Guide

March 02, 2021

We are not sticklers on what to call this holiday, we’re just happy to have another reason to celebrate!  We’re not sure what it’s like everywhere else, but here in Chicago, St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty big deal.
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What’s For Dinner? - Rey to Z

What’s For Dinner?

February 16, 2021

You know the drill.  You’re tired, you look up at the clock, it’s almost 4:00!  You’ve inching closer to bed time, but that pesky old question arises: what’s for dinner?!?  After nearly a year of pandemic living, on top of
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Valentine Gift Ideas - Rey to Z

Valentine Gift Ideas

January 19, 2021

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  Here in the Midwest, winters can be a bit...bleak.  But Valentine's Day is finally something to look forward to, and a subtle reminder that we are slowly getting closer to spring.  Have you ever
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New Year...New Us? - Rey to Z

New Year...New Us?

January 05, 2021

Are you guys setting New Year’s Resolutions this year?  The older we get, the more we struggle with these resolutions.  Especially now, as Parents, are we really willing to take another thing on?!?!  Is it even possible to be
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Thanksgiving: 2020 - Rey to Z

Thanksgiving: 2020

November 22, 2020

We recently saw an article about the importance of teaching your Toddler the meaning of Thanksgiving and we thought “oh wow, what a great idea!” After a few quick searches on Pinterest, we found Thanksgiving
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Gifts for New Parents - Rey to Z

Gifts for New Parents

October 29, 2020

We know it all seems pretty hazy now, but do you remember those first few weeks with a newborn?  It was crazy, right?  Between the lack of sleep and abundance of crying, our world was flipped upside down.  The support
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Are We...Old? - Rey to Z

Are We...Old?

October 16, 2020

Things have really seemed to change over the last few years.  It started with a slight, constant ache in our back day after day.  We attributed that to carrying a newborn around 24/7, though.  Then we moved on to waking

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Family Photo Tips - Rey to Z

Family Photo Tips

October 13, 2020

To us, family photos seem like one of those things that are a great idea until you have to actually do them.  Then, once you have to plan (and buy) the outfits, convince your spouse to smile, reign in the kids, and try to

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Parenting Advice?! - Rey to Z

Parenting Advice?!

October 02, 2020

Once you announce your pregnancy, what’s the first thing to happen?  You start getting advice, right?  “Sleep while the baby sleeps”, “the time goes by so fast”, “make sure you buy (insert any expensive product here)”, the
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Costume Ideas - Rey to Z

Costume Ideas

September 24, 2020

We're all about EASY costumes, which is why we love using items you already own, or that you will continue to wear after Halloween - hence including a Letter Baseball Hat as part of your costume.  1) Kids already love wearing

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Halloween Decor - Rey to Z

Halloween Decor

September 18, 2020

We couldn’t help but get on board with all the posts we are seeing with Fall and Halloween recommendations. There is SO much cute stuff out right now. We’ve never fully embraced decorating like crazy for the
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