March 11, 2022

Do you consider yourself to be a good gift-giver?

If you don't, you are not alone! 46% of Americans think they're bad at gift-giving, and 60% admit to struggling whenever they have to find the perfect gift. The truth is, it can be challenging to find an item that truly expresses how much you care about someone. 

Luckily, if you've been looking for an excellent present for someone you love, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn how custom baseball hats might be the solution to all your gift-giving struggles. 

What Are Custom Baseball Hats? 

Baseball hats are already a staple in most people's closets. Not only do they protect you from the sun, but they can also become a stylish everyday accessory. 

But, let's face it: on their own, baseball hats might not seem like exciting gifts. That's where customization comes into play. 

Baseball hats can become a fantastic present if they fit your loved one's unique style. At Rey to Z, you can mix and match different hat designs with letters and personalized embroidery to create an incredibly thoughtful present that your loved ones will gush over.

Not only are custom baseball hats lovely, but finding the right one for you or your gift recipient is easy. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Pick a hat from Rey to Z's extensive catalog (pick the color and size of your choice)
  2. Pick a customization option (see next section for all the details!)
  3. Personalize even more by adding a nickname or a memorable phrase to the back of the hat 

Customization Options 

At Rey to Z, you have a few different options to make each hat you buy as special and unique as the person you are buying it for. You can pick the color of the hat and decide if you want it to have a letter, number, shape, or identifier word (like "MAMA"). 


Once you decide on the color that best represents your gift recipient's (or your own) personal style, you can add the first letter of their name or last name to the front of the baseball hat. Custom baseball hats with initials are fun and look great with any outfit! 


You can add someone's lucky number, team number, or any number with meaning to the front of a Rey to Z hat. Numbers look fabulous and are a great and subtle way to personalize a gift for someone you love.


If letters and numbers don't seem fun enough, you can also personalize a Rey to Z hat by adding a shape. There are many fun icons and shapes to choose from, like hearts, smiley faces, shamrocks, and more!


Rey to Z offers an extensive collection of personalized hats with identifier words. Whether you are looking for a unique gift for your daughter or grandfather, you are bound to find a hat with a word that represents their role in the family! 

Identifier word hats are fantastic to wear on trips, weekend adventures, and all kinds of memorable moments. 

Back Embroidery

To bring the customization to the next level, you can add up to 10 characters of embroidery to the back! This can be someone's name, their nickname, a small phrase that reminds you of them, or anything else you can think of.  

When to Gift a Custom Baseball Hat 

Whether you are looking for the best gift for someone who seems to have everything or looking to show your appreciation to someone "just cause," a custom baseball hat is the answer. Here are a few unique occasions where a custom hat would make a fantastic present:

Family Vacation Gifts 

If you plan on going on a fun vacation with your family, gifting everyone personalized baseball hats can bring your trip to the next level. You can pick out hats with everyone's initials or get each family member a hat with their identifiers (Mama, Papa, Big Sis, etc.)

Bon Voyage Gift

Do you have a friend who is about to leave on a big trip? A custom baseball hat with their initial or smiley face can be the ideal companion to explore the world! Not only will the recipient of the hat be protected from the sun, but they will also look fabulous throughout their travels. 

Bridesmaids Gifts

If you are a bride looking for a token of appreciation to give to your wedding party, grab each of your bridesmaids a hat with their initials! You can even match the color of the caps to your wedding colors and embroider your wedding hashtag on the back. Not only will your bridesmaid gifts be completely on-brand with your wedding, but you'll be happy knowing that your girls will actually use them after the festivities. 

New Baby Gifts

Although newborn babies may be too little to wear their own baseball hat, custom hats are a perfect gift for the family members of this new bundle of joy! Give new parents a "Mama" or "Papa" hat, new siblings a "Big Sis" or "Big Bro" hat, etc.

Custom Baseball Hats by Rey to Z

Now that you know everything about custom baseball hats, it is time to pick out some for your loved ones! Whether you are looking to purchase a custom hat for your favorite toddler, a friend, or one for every member of your family, Rey to Z has you covered. 

With so many colors, styles, and custom options, you will never struggle with picking out gifts ever again. Check out our custom baseball hat catalog to find the perfect baseball hat for everyone you love. 

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett