March 09, 2022

While high-powered CEOs and business executives deal with their fair share of daily stress, many will argue that nothing quite measures up to the role of being a mother. 

Becoming a mother is both a challenging and beautiful experience -- there's nothing quite like it. That's why it's so important to show appreciation for the mother figure in your life, the woman who does and has done so much for you. 

With Mother's Day fast approaching, here are a few gifts for mothers that will not only make her life easier but show that you truly appreciate her. 

1. A Luxurious Cotton Bathrobe

It may seem like a rather ''basic'' gift but can you really beat the comfort of a soft, cotton bathrobe? Ask any woman, and they'd say you can never own too many beautiful bathrobes

Bathrobes are not created equal, so you want to invest in one that's made from top-quality material. This will set your gift apart from all the other bathrobes your mom might already own! 

Look for one made from organic cotton (the Turkish kind, preferably). This type of material is plush, super-absorbent, and highly durable. You also want to look for a robe that's certified by the Organic Textile Standard -- this benefits both the wearer and the environment.  

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Becoming a parent means being surrounded by noise, day in and day out. Whether it's a crying baby, the clang of dirty dishes, or the whirr of the vacuum cleaner, sometimes a much-needed escape from noise is necessary. 

This is where noise-canceling headphones make the ideal Mother's Day gift. You want to opt for the earbud kind that are both lightweight and easy to wear. Noise-canceling headphones should offer water resistance, a minimum of 8-hours battery life, and voice detection for ease of use. 

3. An Automatic Espresso Machine

When you're shopping for mom you want to consider gift ideas that will make her life easier. Enter, the automatic espresso machine that brews the perfect cup of coffee at the touch of a button. 

There is a myriad of espresso machine options on the market today from major brands such as Nespresso, Phillips, Breville, and more. Ideally, the machine you choose should offer a few functions. First of all, it should have a built-in grinder so there's no need to spend time grinding coffee beans. 

Second, it should offer an automatic milk frother for those decadent frothy coffees that everyone loves. Look for a coffee machine with a simple touch display that is easy to use, adjusts coffee strength, and milk volume. 

4. Mama-and-Me Matching Hats 

If you're looking to spoil your significant other with a matching outfit, Rey-to Z is your go-to for personalized baseball caps for mama and her mini. 

Choose from a range of styles and colors to suit mom's personality. She'll love the personalized gesture and have the perfect hat to match her casual, everyday outfits, along with her little one. 

5. A Gel Nail Polish Set (With a UV Tool) 

It's no secret that spare time is not a luxury when you're a mother. This is where an at-home manicure kit is one of the best gifts for moms who want to keep their nails in good shape, without having to visit a nail salon. 

Today, you can buy gel nail polish sets that include manicure tools as well as an ultraviolet gel setting light. The gel nail polish is extra long-lasting, while the UV light ensures it sets in place and does not chip or peel off within a few days! 

Essentially, mom can give herself an at-home manicure when the timing suits. 

6. An All-in-One Heat Styling Tool 

On the topic of saving time, an all-in-one hair styling tool is a lifesaver for any busy mom. With top brands such as Dyson, GHD, and more producing state-of-the-art hot tools, you're spoiled for choice when purchasing the perfect time-saving gift. 

Nowadays you can find hot tools that include both a hairdryer and a hairbrush in one. Or, a hair straightener and hairbrush combination. Not only this, but many of these tools prevent hair damage, improve hair shine, and strength thanks to their modern design. 

They're also highly energy-efficient and dry/style your hair in minutes -- a double win. 

7. A Smartwatch 

For anyone with their hands full, a smartwatch is the ultimate gift of convenience. The reason for this is that it makes communication all-the-more simple because it's hands-free.

With a smartwatch, you can call, text, and read messages without actually having your phone near you. You can also access most of your phone's apps, schedule appointments, make notes, and record your daily movement. 

Most smartwatches today offer extremely fast charging capabilities, improved battery life, amazing screen size, and quality.  

8. A Beauty Gift Box Subscription 

Now, who wouldn't love a box of goodies delivered right to their door each month? The ideal gift for run-off-their-feet moms is a beauty box subscription packed with monthly spoils. 

You can find a number of different brands that offer these gift box subscriptions. Generally, they include a variety of skincare products, makeup products, hair care goodies, jewelry pieces, and even gift cards. 

If you think the special woman in your life would prefer a monthly wine selection subscription, there's this option, too! Either way, having a gift box turn up at your doorstep each month is the much-needed surprise all moms deserve! 

On the Hunt for Gifts for Mothers?

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Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett