October 29, 2020

We know it all seems pretty hazy now, but do you remember those first few weeks with a newborn?  It was crazy, right?  Between the lack of sleep and abundance of crying, our world was flipped upside down.  The support from our family and friends made it actually manageable.  Things are looking a bit different these days, depending on where you live and your doctor's advice, but it’s safe to say New Parents aren’t getting as many physical visitors as they were before.  While nothing can replace someone coming over so you can actually shower and brush your teeth, there’s no harm in sending a gift to brighten someone’s day.  Check out our top gifts we recommend for New Parents.

  1. This goes without saying but... our hats If you happen to know the Baby’s name before arrival, we highly recommend buying our Baby (0-12M) baseball hat for absolutely adorable newborn photos.  The hat can then be used as decor in the nursery until Baby is ready to wear (you know, when they can hold their head up).  We also offer Toddler (1Y-4Y) for a special Big Bro or Big Sis who’s adjusting to their new title.  But most importantly, do not forget about MAMA!  She just birthed a human for crying out loud!  Our Mama hat is our personal favorite to show off the ultimate life promotion.
  2. We caught on very quickly that one outfit a day just isn’t going to cut it during those few first weeks.  And if there were snaps or buttons on that outfit? Forget it.  Having a handful of zip-up footies, especially as we approach the colder months, will be a life saver. Burt's Bees Organic Baby Zip Up Footed Pajamas became a quick favorite for us.  The cotton is oh so soft, and offered in a snug fit to make Baby feel cozy.  Most importantly, they handle a million washes like a pro.  FYI to any expecting parent reading this - be prepared to do more laundry in a few weeks than probably your entire life.
  3. Let’s flashback to 3rd grade; what are the four basic needs for survival?  Oxygen, water, shelter, and...FOOD!  When you’re running on little sleep, it becomes really easy to forget about things that once seemed so obvious (like eating).  Luckily things have gotten a little easier with a variety of options of meal delivery services.  For your friend who already wasn’t crazy about cooking, you can look into FreshlySnap Kitchen, and Fresh and Easy; these require zero cooking skills.  For those that have turned on an oven once or twice before, check out Home Chef, Blue Apron or Daily Harvest This may not be the flashiest of gifts, but trust us, your New Parent will never forget it.

So let’s rally around our New Parents during this chaotic time.  Getting an unexpected gift in the mail is almost certain to make them smile.  Nothing can replace the feeling of having your loved ones meet your newest loved one, but for now, little gifts will do. 

Anne A
Anne A