May 05, 2022

Did you know that the colors you choose for clothing, like your hat, can affect your mood and energy? Some colors can even make things easier to remember.

Custom baseball hats can allow you to choose this color yourself. These hats can be a great way to commemorate an occasion or add some new style to your wardrobe.

Read this guide to learn the top tips for customizing your caps—from toddler baseball hats to embroidered baseball caps and everything in between.

1. Find The Right Hat

The first step to getting your high-quality embroidered baseball caps is choosing your hat style. Tons of varieties allow you to customize your baseball hat. 

Standard Baseball Hat

This standard variety of baseball hats is what you traditionally see: a brim in front and an adjustable strap in the back. These hats use a durable and long-lasting metal clasp as a fastener in the back.

Men's Baseball Hats

Choose sizing and design choices that work perfectly for the men in your life. Whether you customize a hat for a father, brother, or yourself, men's baseball hats will fit perfectly.

Women's Baseball Hats

Whether you are shopping for a mama hat to wear to your child's first Little League game or you need a trendy new cap for your trip to the gym, there are endless options of custom women's caps.

Toddler Baseball Hat

These hats designed for young children can be customized for trimmer heads to fit perfectly. There are sizes for babies up to a year old, toddlers up to four years old, and young kids under ten.

The fonts are large lettering and legible to be seen in a crowd.

2. Try Different Materials

There are dozens of different ways to style and decorate a hat. Some methods can be done at home quickly with a few supplies, but these won't be as durable or professional as the ones you'll find from a custom hat store. Others must be carried out by professionals or those with unique crafting skills like embroidery.

Use this section to learn about all the materials that a professional can use to turn a simple and generic navy blue baseball hat into a unique accessory made for you.


Sewing is a durable, straightforward method of adding lettering or imagery to your hat.

A well-sewn hat will hold up well in the washer and dryer. It will also stand up to the elements like rain or snow, which is vital for a quality baseball cap.


Embroidery is the art of intricate needlework with vibrant thread to create images or lettering on a piece of fabric.

This skilled customization technique requires a professional or an expert proficient in embroidery. It is intricate, looks tidy, and is far more durable than DIYing it.

Rey To Z offers high-quality embroidery on the back of the hat for an extra custom touch. Add multiple letters (up to 10) and create a unique custom creation for yourself or a loved one.

3. Decide on a Design

How do you want to decorate your cap? A million creative ideas can allow you to express yourself or even improve customer service for your business with custom baseball caps.

Celebrate an Occasion

Commemorate your family's massive reunion with hats that bear the initial of your last name. Get matching pink bachelorette party women's baseball caps. There are endless options for every occasion, and a hat is a perfect way to remember it forever.

Wear a Significant Letter or Initial

Don your first initial or cheer on a loved one by wearing theirs. Bold fonts on contrasting backgrounds make this an optimal choice to emphasize your letter.

Support a Sports Team

Cheer on your favorite sports team with a hat of your team's official color. Get your team's initial or have it professionally embroidered. There are endless options with different looks.

Watching your favorite baseball team out in the hot sun can be intense on your skin. Did you know that wearing your hat in addition to sunscreen can help you reduce your risk of skin cancer?

Create Branded Company Attire

Do you want to look more professional and streamlined as a workforce? Custom hats adorned with a company logo can make a group look more cohesive. This bespoke service is only available upon request.

4. Pay Attention to Placement and Font

Once you've chosen the design and material and selected a type of hat, you're only halfway there. A professional custom hat maker will be able to select the most strategic placement and font for the lettering.

Front Lettering

The most common and strategic spot to place your lettering is in a standard front and center location. The brim is usually left blank, as it can lead to the hat looking crowded.


A well-designed hat will have bold and readable lettering that doesn't look overcrowded. Based on years of experience, Rey To Z offers a font designed to complement the hat while ensuring the lettering is easy to read.

5. Choose a Cohesive Hat Color

Your font, logo, designs, images, detailing, and underlying hat color should all blend with a cohesive color pallet. For this reason, you want to choose a hat color that will match and complement your design rather than clash or blend.

6. Style Your Hat With Matching Accessories

Use the same customization methods on your baseball cap to customize matching accessories. Tote bags, coats, shoes, and t-shirts are easy to add custom designs onto.

Design Your Dream Custom Baseball Hats

Custom baseball hats are easy to achieve if you have the right supplies and attitude, but it also helps get that extra professional touch. Whether looking at baseball hats for kids or adults, use this guide to help you get the perfect custom design to make your hat unique.

Browse our new arrivals for custom hats that channel your personality, team pride, or company values.

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett