July 13, 2022

Hat styles have gone through centuries of changes, from wide-brimmed hats in Ancient Greece to the invention of the Fedora in 1883. Baseball caps are a newer hat choice, primarily worn by baseball league players in the 20th century. 

Now, baseball caps are all the latest hype. To get started with your next fashionable purchase, you might be curious to learn more about baseball cap sizes and how you can find one that fits you. 

Kids and women are often shortchanged when it comes to baseball caps since most sizes are generic or designed for men. Luckily, we have put together a complete guide on how you can measure for a baseball cap and how to pair them with the perfect outfit.

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What Are Baseball Caps?

If you have ever traveled outside America, you are probably wondering why baseball caps aren't nearly as a fashion statement. While baseball caps have increased in popularity throughout the years, there is no doubt that the United States is the hot spot in the baseball cap industry. 

Traditional baseball caps didn't start becoming more mainstream until the 1940s. At the time, these hats were primarily worn by baseball players. They were made of wool and later transitioned to materials like polyester or brushed cotton. 

By the 1980s, changes in sizing started to increase as more baseball hats were worn outside professional leagues. In the 1990s, hip-hop artists made the baseball cap an official fashion trend.

Now, the United States sells nearly 40 million baseball hats annually. Their trademark look is a soft hat with a rounded crown.

The bill is also stiffer and projects outward. As an added fashionable touch, most companies will put a logo or design on the crown.  

Types of Baseball Caps

There are five major types of baseball caps, which affect how to choose the right size baseball cap. Here are some of the different styles you can choose from:

  • Shallow
  • Medium
  • Full
  • High
  • 5-panel

When shopping around, most people break down baseball caps by the crown styles. There are three types of profiles, from low to high. If you have a smaller circumference or want a more subtle hat, you should opt for a low-profile baseball cap. 

"Trucker" style hats are the high-profile, rigid hats you may see. Recently, they have had a resurgence in popularity, and you will likely see many people combining trucker hats with power suits or dresses this summer.

Lastly, baseball hats have two types of structures. A 5-panel hat is floppy and less structured on the crown.  

Structured hats are stiffer and more supportive. They are less likely to lose their shape and are the standard baseball hat worn in many professional leagues. 

Unstructured hats are loose-fitted fabrics that lay flat when you place your hat down. If you want something form-fitted to your head, this is ideal. These types of baseball hats are more widely used with innovative moisture-wicking materials. 

Fitted vs. Adjustable Baseball Hats

Before whipping out a measuring tape for your head's circumference, you must decide between a fitted and adjustable baseball hat. 

If you want a fitted look, those pinpoint measurements are more crucial. Before baseball hats increased in popularity, this was the main hat available. 

Now, you have the option of an adjustable baseball hat. These are widely seen in trucker hats, snapbacks, 5-panel hats, and more. Your sizing and measurements can have a little more leeway with these hats since you can easily adjust the back strap for a tighter or looser fit. 

All RTZ hats are adjustable, making it easier to fit your hat perfectly. Here are some examples of adjustable mechanisms: 

  • Velcro strap
  • Plastic snapback
  • Metal buckles

While velcro is popular with athletic hats, metal buckles are the most durable, and arguably, more aesthetically pleasing addition. A plastic snapback is a small plastic piece with holes cut out. You adjust the tightness of the hat by snapping the other strap into place. 

General Baseball Cap Sizes

Standard sizes of baseball caps will fluctuate based on the company you buy from. Some might choose very simple sizes, like:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-large

A few hats you find on the shelves will fall under the category "one size fits most" or "one size fits all." Unfortunately, the "one size fits most" rule primarily means it will work for medium-sized heads. 

For those with smaller or larger heads, you are better off going by other measurements. 

How to Measure Baseball Cap Sizes

First, you will need a measuring tape to start measuring your head for a baseball cap. You can also use a piece of string and hold it next to a ruler afterward. Here are some general steps to follow for accurate measurements:

  1. Wrap a piece of string or measuring tape around your head
  2. Aim for a half an inch above the ears or where your hat naturally sits
  3. Pinch the string or measuring tape at the center of your forehead
  4. Lay the string next to the ruler or look at the measurement
  5. Write down the measurement to the nearest 1/8 inch

As a piece of advice, don't pull the string or measuring tape too tightly around your head. Ultimately, these numbers correlate to the hat size you'll purchase, and you want something that fits comfortably. 

When pinching off the string or measuring tape, ensure it is snug but not uncomfortable. Have a friend or family member help you out if needed!

Baseball Cap Sizing Chart

Now that you have your head circumference, it is time to stack it up next to a sizing chart. Adult baseball hat sizes range from 6 3/4 to 8, which correlate to the circumference measurements. These sizes are tedious and not very useful when it comes to shopping for kids. 

All Rey to Z hats uses adjustable straps, giving you one to two inches of leeway. Additionally, they all include metal buckles, ensuring you have the highest-quality adjustable strap for the cap. Here is a rundown on some of the Rey to Z's hat sizes:

  • Baby (0 to 12 months): 19 inches
  • Toddler (1Y to 4Y): 21 inches
  • Child (5Y to 10Y): 25 inches
  • Adult: 25 inches

Remember that if you have a child at home and are purchasing a hat, you will get the same size whether you purchase an adult or child design. Not to worry- simply sinch the metal buckle to shorten the circumference, and you will have a cap that will last for years to come with your growing kid!

Kid Hat Sizes

Baseball hats for kids are a bit trickier. You want them to enjoy their hat without quickly outgrowing it. Shop with Rey to Z who only provides adjustable straps for their kid-friendly hats that adjust one to two inches for the best results. 

At Rey to Z, hat sizes for kids come in baby, toddler, and child. Baby and Child sizes run slightly big, so plan accordingly.  Lastly, our Child and Adult hats are the same size - both 25 inches, with 1-2 inches room to adjust by buckle.  If you are debating between toddler and child and sizes, the best way you can determine the correct sizing is by having your kid try on one of your hats on a small buckle setting. If it fits, you can go for the Child (or Adult, they're the same, remember!) size. If your hat is too big, stick with Toddler. 

Navigating Women's Baseball Cap Sizes

Women are a big proponent of the baseball cap fashion, but several companies limit the fit and style. On average, women may have a smaller head than their male counterparts. Standard fitted hats may not work for you since most one size fits all hats are based on male measurements. 

Instead, check out Rey to Z which offers female-friendly adjustable hats with stylish metal buckles. These are ideal for dressing up or down your new baseball cap and are excellent options for women who don't like the look of plastic snaps. 

Matching Your Look to Your Baseball Cap

Now that you know more about the styles of baseball caps and how to measure for the right fit, what should you wear with them? Baseball caps are an accessory item you can dress up or down, making them an excellent option for a dynamic wardrobe piece. 

Consider adding a splash of color with your baseball cap if you are already wearing neutral pieces. This can accentuate your outfit, but make sure you don't have colors clashing; else, it could do just the opposite. 

Also, don't be afraid to pair a neutral-toned baseball cap with a suit or dress. Casual businesswear is in, and you could make a statement piece. 

Lastly, consider customizing your hat. When you shop for customized baseball hats, you get to choose from:

  • Colors
  • Sizing
  • Design
  • Embroidery

You can create a unique hat that fits you perfectly, making it a great gift if you want to do something special for a loved one!

Find Your Next Baseball Cap

Whether you are shopping for yourself, a family member, or a friend, a customized baseball cap is something that is unique, thoughtful, and functional. Baseball caps can be worn with nearly everything these days. With summer in full swing, having a durable baseball cap on hand gives you the perfect accessory when you step outside. 

For help finding customized baseball cap sizes, check out Rey to Z. Visit our complete collection to get started!

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett