July 13, 2022

We have been loving baseball caps as fashion since the 1980s at least, but have you struggled with knowing how to care for your favorite ones?

As much as you love your hats and for how often you wear them, it's a shame that they can cause so much clutter, get dirty, and be tricky to care for--but don't worry. We have some good news! You truly can store your caps in an organized way and love wearing them without frustration.

To help you out, we've put together this guide to show you how easy it is to take care of all your embroidered baseball caps. So whether your mama baseball cap or any other cap is brand new or a well-loved favorite, follow these simple tips and it will stay looking great for seasons to come.

Read on to see a variety of ways to care for your baseball caps!

How to Protect Your Baseball Caps From Sweat

When you're out in the hot sun, your body temperature rises and you start to sweat. This means that when you're watching your kids play little league, it's likely that your beloved mama hat will get stained with sweat.

This is super unfortunate, especially if it's a custom hat like many embroidered hats are.

What should you do? Should you leave your hat at home so that it stays fresh?

No, of course not. A good baseball cap can protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays, and it can also help keep you cool. Both are great reasons to continue wearing your caps in the sun.

Luckily, there is a simple solution. If you take a simple precaution, you can avoid this problem altogether. Instead of leaving your favorite hat at home, protect it by applying a clear coat of hat fabric sealant before wearing it.

There are many kinds of sealants, and there are some that are specifically for sweat. They will create a barrier between the hat and your skin to ward away any unwanted stains.

You can find hat fabric sealant in online stores across the web. Using it will keep your hat looking clean and new no matter how much you sweat.

How to Travel With Your Embroidered Baseball Caps

If you're someone who loves to travel, you may be wondering how to best pack your embroidered baseball caps. After all, you don't want it to get damaged or lost while you're on the go.

Here are a few tips to help you pack your baseball caps so they stay safe and sound during your travels:

Wear It

If you're traveling by car, plane, or train, one of the best ways to keep your baseball cap safe is to simply wear it. This way, you don't have to worry about it getting lost or damaged in transit.

This is a little more difficult if you are trying to protect a toddler baseball cap, depending on if your little one will wear it for long periods of time. But if it's just you, then this is the safest way for your embroidered hat to travel.

Pack Them in a Hard-Sided Case

Whether your suitcase is hard-sided or whether you have a smaller box that is packed inside your suitcase, a case with hard sides is another great way to protect your embroidered baseball caps.

You can find cases specifically designed for storing and transporting caps, or you can repurpose an old box you already own. It will keep your hats from getting squished while you travel.

Just be sure to wrap the hat or line the box with a soft cloth to prevent the embroidery from getting rubbed and damaged. Also, choose a suitcase or duffel bag that has enough space to accommodate all of your favorite caps to take with you.

Hang Them Up

If possible, hang your baseball caps up in your hotel room or Airbnb once you arrive.

This will not only help them retain their shape but will also protect them from anything that could possibly damage them. For example, hanging them would keep them out of children's reach, out of the cleaning staff's way, and out of the clutter that inevitably develops as suitcases are opened and unpacked.

Just don't forget them in the closet when you leave to go back home! If you are worried about losing any of your caps, consider labels or tags to keep track of them, including your name and phone number in case someone finds one you lost.

No matter what you do, make sure you have a great time and take lots of pictures in your favorite embroidered baseball caps wherever you go!

The Best Method to Store Embroidered Baseball Caps

Whether you're storing baseball hats for kids or men's or women's baseball caps, you may be wondering how to do it in the best way.

You are likely already doing a lot to take good care of them because you don't want them to get ruined. However, do you know how to properly store them so they last for years?

Luckily, there are a few methods for storing an embroidered hat so that they stay looking fresh, and so that you don't have to worry about clutter. 

When you aren't wearing your baseball hats, be sure to find a safe place to store them so they'll be ready for your next adventure. Especially if you have multiple hats, you'll want a way to protect whichever hats you aren't using.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

While you may wear your embroidered baseball caps out in the sun every once in a while, constant exposure to direct sunlight can actually fade a cap's colors. That's why displaying them in front of your bedroom window or hanging them on a wall that gets a lot of hot sunlight isn't recommended.

Whether you are hanging your caps or you are storing them away, consider storing your hats in a cool, dark place when you're not wearing them. This could be in a closet, under a bed, on a wall, behind a door, or in a drawer.

Just make sure they're out of the sun's reach.

Use Hooks or Pegs

If you want to take advantage of vertical storage space, this could be a great option. Simply hang your baseball caps on a wall, on the back of your closet door, or on a free-standing hat rack.

You can even color coordinate if you have enough hats to do so. For example, you would put all of your navy blue baseball hat selection in one spot, all your white baseball cap selection in another spot, and so on.

Fold and Store in a Drawer

This method is a little trickier, but it can be done if you don't have a lot of space to spare. You can fold your baseball caps so that they fit into each other and store them inside a drawer. Be sure to store them in a cool, dry place to protect them.

Be careful, though, to fold them neatly and not too tightly so that they don't wrinkle.

If you want to keep them in good condition and not damage the baseball hat designs, take special care as you put them away. You don't want the embroidery getting rubbed and moved.

Keep Them in a Hat Box

If you are determined to keep your favorite embroidered baseball caps clean, wrinkle-free, and looking their best, this is the surest way to do that. Storing hats in hat boxes when you're not wearing them will keep them in pristine condition, for sure, and prevent them from getting crushed, soiled, or bent.

You can find hat boxes at many stores that sell luggage or travel accessories.

Simply line the box with a soft cloth (if it isn't lined already) and place your baseball caps inside. Be sure to slide them together neatly so they don't get squished or rubbed.

Even if hat boxes take up a bit of space in your closet, they are well worth it if you want to protect your embroidered baseball caps. You won't regret making an investment like this.

Now You Know the Best Ways to Care for Your Embroidered Baseball Caps

Whether you're playing in them, wearing them to practice and events, traveling with them, or storing them in your home, your favorite baseball caps are a part of your signature style.

With the tips you've found in this article, you now know the best ways to care for your favorite embroidered caps so that they continue looking as awesome as the day you bought them.

Here at Rey to Z, we know how much your baseball caps mean to you and how much you want to protect them for years to come. We've made it our mission to provide you with quality embroidered baseball caps for the entire family to love and live in, from toddler baseball hats to men's baseball hats and everything in between.

So rock your favorite baseball cap and come get to know us and what we stand for! We'd love to get to know you too and help you find that perfect cap.

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett