July 13, 2022

The first baseball game took place in 1846. Although the game remains very much the same, the straw hats got a makeover.

A baseball hat is simple in design and features a fitted crown with a curved bill at the front. Today, baseball hats are an American wardrobe classic that everyone can wear. Combine a baseball hat with a neutral navy blue, and you've got yourself a staple you'll never want to take off. 

Do you have a navy blue baseball hat but don't know what to wear it with? Our handy guide will tell you how to make this hat your new favorite accessory. 

History of the Baseball Hat 

The baseball hat is one of the most iconic and recognizable products from an American sport. 

Originating in the 19th century, baseball players played this game in any weather. To protect themselves, players began to improvise hats from materials on hand. They would use folded-up sacks and other materials to shield their faces from the sun and rain

These early baseball hats evolved into the caps we know today and are now a symbol of Americana and baseball. By the 1940s, the modern-day baseball cap was born. These hats had a more structured design with a longer brim to keep the sun out of baseball players' eyes. 

Baseball hats were first made in colors to match the baseball team. It featured the logo, team initials, or mascot on the front of the hat. 

By the 1980s, baseball hats went from a sports fashion to exploding onto the local fashion scene. Baseball companies started selling their team hats to the public during this era, and soon almost everyone had one. 

Before long, celebrities and the public alike rocked these hats. You could see anyone from Princess Di to Tom Selleck wearing a baseball hat as they went about their lives. 

Benefits of the Color Navy 

Unlike many other colors, you can wear navy in any season. Navy is considered a neutral color. This means that you can wear it with almost any other color. 

Navy got its name because it was a color worn by the British Royal Navy. This color is a very dark blue that many associate with all things nautical.

Navy works exceptionally well with colors like orange, turquoise, and red. Try finding an outfit in these colors and topping it off with your navy baseball cap. 

How to Wear a Navy Blue Baseball Hat 

Most people prefer to wear their baseball hats with a more casual outfit. Traditionally these hats pair well with athleisure or streetwear looks. More recently, people have paired baseball hats with more feminine styles. 

The bottom line is a great baseball hat will make any outfit look good. The neutral blue of your baseball hat also means it will match almost any outfit you pair it with. 

Outfit Ideas That Feature a Navy Blue Baseball Hat 

Although fashion has no rules, it does provide some helpful guidelines. The following are several ideas on how to style your navy baseball cap. 

Classic Athleisure

Grab your favorite sweatsuit and sneaker combo and top it with a baseball hat. This effortless look has been a classic since the '90s. Add a cross-body bag and a long trench coat to give this style some edge. 

Double Denim 

For a relaxed look, top an all-denim outfit with a navy cap. Add a pair of fresh, white shoes for the summer or Docs for the cooler months. 

This outfit is perfect for a trip to the airport or the grocery store. You'll look great and move around with ease. 


Let your navy blue baseball hat be the star of the show by keeping your look monochromatic. Let your blue hat shine by wearing an all-black or white outfit. 

Vacation Mode 

Are you planning on going on a trip? Your navy blue baseball cap is the perfect accessory to bring along! 

If you are traveling somewhere warm, your hat will keep the sun out of your face while you bike, hike, or walk around. Pair your baseball hat with board shorts, sneakers, and a crewneck for an effortless look.

Sassy Style 

Who says you can't dress up your baseball hat? Put on your favorite pair of cargo pants and a crop top. Add some fun shoes, and you've got yourself an outfit people won't forget. 

Less Is More 

Go for understated style by putting on a pair of cropped trousers and a white tank top. Put on your navy blue baseball hat and finish the look off with a gold necklace and your favorite shades. You'll look undeniably cool. 

Elevated Cool 

Throw on your favorite jeans, hoodie, and baseball hat but polish your outfit off with a leather jacket. Put on a pair of black ankle boots to finish off the look. You'll look put-together but still cozy. 

Sweater Weather 

Pair your baseball cap with a sweater for a style that is both casual and dressed-up. Balance your look by adding leggings and a dress coat. Tie the look together with a pair of bright white sneakers.

Feminine Chic

Put on your favorite t-shirt dress, jean jacket, and high tops for a feminine twist. Add a baseball hat, and you've got yourself a fun and flirty look.

Weekend Look

Are you running around to sports practices on your weekend? Throw on joggers, a cardigan, and a graphic tee for a look you can be on the move in. Add our mama hat, and you'll be the coolest soccer mom on the field. 

Preppy Cool 

Put on a pair of straight-leg jeans and a plain tee, but add an element of cool with a sweater vest. Playful sneakers and your navy baseball hat will finish off the look. 

Spice up a Skirt

Grab your favorite denim skirt and add a striped t-shirt. Put on a pair of nude sandals and tie the look together with your navy baseball hat. You'll look pulled together and casual. 

Baseball Hat Tips 

Make sure you find a baseball hat that fits your head well. Choosing a hat with an adjustable back, like our navy blue baseball hat, will ensure a perfect fit. 

To adjust most hats, pull the metal buckle until it fits your head. Your hat should be snug but not tight. You'll know your cap is too tight if it leaves a red mark on your skin. 

Choosing a hat in a neutral color like navy will give you more wear than a hat in a louder color. You'll be able to wear your neutral hat for several seasons because it won't go out of style. 

Cotton hats are more comfortable to wear in warmer months. Hats in this material are breathable and will keep your head cooler. 

There is nothing cuter than matching with your baby! Have your kiddo match you in their toddler baseball hat, and you'll be the perfect pair. 

If you have long hair, have fun with how you style it under your baseball cap! Wear it long or in two braids to keep it out of the way. 

If you have to wash your hat, it couldn't be easier! You can put your navy hat in the washing machine. Make sure not to throw it in the dryer but hang it up to dry. 

What Not to Wear With Your Navy Blue Baseball Hat 

Wearing a baseball cap can exude cool, but it can slip into sloppy if you aren't careful. Avoid this by choosing a hat that fits your head perfectly. A hat with a snug fit will look clean and polished. 

Keep your hat to the front. Tilting your hat to the side can make you look like you are wearing your hat the wrong way. 

Hats made from thick material can cause sweat stains. Stick to cotton for a comfortable hat choice that isn't too hot. 

If you aren't wearing your hat, keep your hat hung up in a closet. This trick will help keep your hat clean while keeping its shape intact. 

A Navy Blue Baseball Hat Will Be Your Next Accessory Staple 

Whether you're at a baseball game or just wearing a baseball hat for style, plenty of outfits feature this famous headwear. You'll find yourself reaching for your navy blue baseball hat to finish off all your outfits!

Are you looking for a new baseball hat to add to your closet? If so, Rey to Z has a quality and style that you can't beat. Check out our hats and get one for yourself today! 

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett