July 01, 2022

Researchers predict that 2022 will be one of the hottest summers we've ever seen. 

Before kids rush out the door in winter, parents often shout after them to "put on a coat!" Although high summer temperatures can be just as dangerous to their health, we don't usually ask our kids to wear hats in the sun. 

A little sunshine is even considered good for kids' morale. But too much sun exposure can lead to health problems, including eye damage and skin cancer. 

Our hat options can do so much more than look adorable! Read on to learn more about the benefits for kids wearing hats in the summer.

Why Kids Should Wear Hats in the Sun

Hats are more than just adorable accessories; they're a summer safety essential. Hats provide necessary coverage and defense from the sun. Children can catch sunburns, sun sickness, and heat exhaustion without realizing it.

As the hot days of summer roll by, remember to always wear a hat and keep kids protected outdoors! 

Scalp and Hair Protection

Some people assume that hair protects our scalps from burning in the summer, but this isn't necessarily true. While hair does block some sunlight and UV rays from directly hitting our skin, it isn't enough to provide real protection. 

If you look closely at your or your child's scalp, you will see that the skin is quite pale compared to the rest of the body. The skin of our head is very sensitive to UV rays and burns easily.

When you take children to the park or pool, you probably slather them in sunscreen, but you may be leaving out one of the most vulnerable body parts. Hats are essential to prevent sunburns on children's scalps. A sunburned scalp may feel itchy or irritated and become dry and flaky.

Many people don't realize that the sun can also damage hair itself. UV rays penetrate the hair and even hair follicles. Sun damage can lead to hair weakness and hair loss over time.

Facial Skin Protection

Adults, especially women, are acutely aware of the dangers of sun damage to our faces. UV radiation speeds up aging processes, giving us wrinkles, spots, and sagging much sooner than we'd prefer. At a young age, children may not worry about wrinkles and sun spots, but it's still important to take preventative skincare measures.

Applying facial sunscreen is one way to protect your child's face from the sun. Unfortunately, SPF can be patchy and must be reapplied every few hours. 

Hats are a simple alternative or addition to sunscreen. Instead of wrangling kids by the door to apply sunscreen, you can simply pop a hat on their heads. Some kids, like those with sensory issues, are much more tolerant of hats than greasy, sticky sunscreen. 

Eye Protection

We don't often notice how strong and harmful the sunlight is in summer. Even adults forget to shield themselves from the sun. The eyes are some of our most delicate and valuable organs, so we must protect them every time we go outside!

Over time, UV exposure can have serious consequences for our eyes. Eye cancer, cataracts, growths, and eye sunburns can be caused by too much sunlight exposure. 

Many adults choose to wear sunglasses instead of hats, but hats tend to provide better all-around coverage. Plus, it's hard enough keeping up with our own sunglasses, let alone our children's!

Teaching kids to wear hats outside is crucial because eyes are at their most vulnerable during our youth, 20s, and 30s. Hats, especially ballcaps, provide much-needed shade for our eyes and block a significant amount of UV light. Some parents may wisely institute a "no hat, no play" rule!

Body Temperature Regulation

It can seem confusing at first, but wearing a hat actually makes your body feel cooler. Although you're adding more fabric to your body, you're protecting your head and skin from sun rays. Blocking the sun helps you and your children regulate body temperature. 

Because kids like to run and play outside in the summer, they may be more susceptible than adults to overheating. Children may also forget to drink water or take breaks when the sun is strongest. In addition to keeping kids hydrated, remind them to wear their hats to stay cool!

Easy Identification

You can use hats for more than just protecting kids from the sun! Summertime is usually full of family outings, theme parks, pool days, and more. Large crowds can feel overwhelming in many places, and kids may wander without realizing it. 

Wearing matching hats is a great way to keep the family together and ensure no one goes missing. If someone happens to stray from the group, it's easy to describe what they were wearing to the police or park security. At the same time that you're staying safe, your family will look amazingly put together in pictures! 

Adorable Summer Hats for Kids

It's the most adventurous time of the year! The kids are out of school, neighbors are hosting barbecues, and it seems like there's a new town event every weekend! Luckily, there's a perfect Rey to Z hat for every occasion. 

Kids' Hats for Family Outings

Headed to the water park or an outdoor concert this weekend? Before you go, pack plenty of sun-safe hats for the whole family! 

Our new rainbow stripe letter hats are the perfect festive accessory for any summer outing. Embroidered initials will look adorable in matching groups and help your family stick together. If you have a large family and a silly sense of humor, our embroidered number hats will surely bring a smile to your face! 

If you're visiting with family this summer, they will love seeing your kids in their matching Rey to Z sibling hats. These hats are perfect for kids excited about becoming big brothers and sisters to new babies. If you haven't announced your new addition yet, give everyone a fun surprise with a "big brother" hat! 

Kids' Hats for Summer Holidays

Looking forward to celebrating the 4th of July or a birthday this summer? Rey to Z has the perfect summer hats to top off your holiday looks!

Check out our 4th of July collection so you can pop fireworks in style. These hats feature classic Americana designs, colors, and fabrics perfect for the whole family. The classic baseball cap style is a perfect homage to America's national sport!

Crown your girly girl at her summer birthday party with an initialed baseball cap all her own! If your daughter is a princess at heart, she'll love our unique pink daisy hat. Plus, her personalized cap will be less likely to go missing at summer camp!

Kids' Hats for Every Day

You don't need a special occasion to look fashionable this summer! Kids need hats to protect them from the sun every time they go outside. Luckily, we've got the perfect picks for any sweet sunny day. 

Rey to Z's smiley face hats are a classic among kids and adults alike. These cute, simple ballcaps match with any outfit and instantly give the wearer a happy, glowing vibe. Plus, their gender-neutral design means siblings can easily trade and share!

We love the smiley face hat for summertime, but kids can wear any of our hats year-round. All our hats are thoughtfully designed and versatile to wear with any outfit or occasion. 

Grown-Ups Should Cover Up Too!

Sun damage and heat exhaustion aren't just concerning for kids; adults must also wear hats! Protecting your eyes and face from the sun will allow you to enjoy more time outdoors with your kids. Plus, you may be able to spare yourself some wrinkles in the meantime!

Summer Hats for Moms & Dads

You can purchase nearly any of our hats in adult sizing. This makes hat-shopping super easy for the whole family and helps adults set healthy examples for sun protection.

For Mama Bears, Rey to Z's Mama hats are the perfect accessory to play with your family anywhere. These hats come in prints and colors that match many of our children's hats. Talk about a perfect family photo!

Don't worry; we've got the gear for all the Dads and Pops out there too! These durable hats are great for traveling anywhere and come in a great selection of masculine colors.

Summer Hats for Grandparents

Who could forget about the grandparents? Whether you have a Papa, Nana, Gigi, or Grandpa, we've got the perfect hats to show off their grandparent pride. You can even customize your hat with embroidery on the back for extra special grandparents!

Hats Off to Our Hat Selection 

Caps play a very important role in children's health during the summer. Although kids may feel invincible, their skin and eyes are still very sensitive to the sun. Parents should encourage healthy summertime habits, including wearing hats and staying hydrated!

Kids will be much more likely to wear hats on their own if they feel confident in their headwear. Plus, what child doesn't want to match their parent while they're little? 

If you're looking for unique, fashionable hats for the whole family this season, Rey to Z has you covered! Click here to shop our hat selection for kids!

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett