March 24, 2023

Hey mama! We know that moms have a ton of pressure on them. We are responsible for so many things. One of the most important (and daunting) tasks we have is to help our children build their sense of self. Here at Rey to Z, we got into the business of creating custom embroidered hats for kids because we love to honor their individuality. There is just something magical about watching them light up when theory sees their initials on a brand-new hat. There are so many ways that we as mamas can help our kids find out who they are. Here are a few tips on how your parent/ child play style affects your child’s sense of self. 

There are  4 main types of personalities when it comes to our kiddos. How we interact with them can help or hinder them, based on their particular personality style. We have gathered a few different types of kids' personalities and offer suggestions on how we can play with these kiddos, to help build their sense of self. 


This personality type is what we would refer to as “spirited.” These cuties are strong-willed, passionate, goal-oriented, outspoken, and energetic. They tend to be very logical and analytical. They may be more introverted and not as into big groups. They enjoy a more low-key play experience when it comes to peer groups. 
A fun way to get these cuties moving is to plan goal-oriented activities. They tend to be competitive and they need an outlet for their energy, passion, and need to problem solve. These kids need plenty of physical exertion. 

Activity Ideas: 

Scavenger Hunt: This will get them moving. It will give them short goals with rewards and a big win at the end. The short wins will keep these kiddos, who can get discouraged easily due to their intense and competitive nature, some motivation to reach each next item on the list. 

Sports: This is a great outlet for these kids. If they are allowed some sort of role in the planning and strategizing they will do even better. These kiddos make great leaders. They will make excellent team leads, and captains or you could even let them teach you something they know about a sport. Be aware: they tend to have a bit of a temper, so watch out for this when working on teams. This will provide an opportunity to teach anger skills. 

Your Choleric kiddo will love a personalized baseball cap  to wear during their active fun with you. Seeing their initials will make them feel special and important. A fun way to tie this together is to order one of our  baseball hats for men  or  mama hats and have a matching family team! 


This type of cutie is the life of the party. They are quite lively. They tend to be very  playful, imaginative, talkative, and sociable. Some of their most inspiring traits can also be a bit of a challenge, especially for more logical or type “A” mamas. These kiddos are carefree, adventurous, and not afraid to take risks. They may get bored easily and struggle with sitting still for long periods of time.  
Though this poses a bit of a challenge for the mama who likes to be prepared and planned out, it can also be an opportunity to soak in some of that upbeat, light-hearted energy and loosen up a little bit yourself. 

Activity Ideas: 

Dance/ Karaoke Party. This is a great way for your cutie to show off and fully live in their huge and contagious energy. They LOVE to be the center of attention. They also typically tend to be artistic and they love music. This is also a great exercise for mamas. Their inspiring way of being comfortable in their own skin can help us mamas be a little more like them. So…dance and sing like no one is watching…and remember - the only one who is (your cutie,) will have a lifelong memory to cherish. 

Art Day.  Set up an art day and really blow it out of the water. We’re talking paints in bright cheerful colors. Fun and different things to paint with like sponges, paint brushes, and even fingers. Clay to mold. A hodgepodge of fun items to glue together and make abstract art - kids love googly eyes, felt shapes, fuzzy balls, pipe cleaners in bright colors, and…sparkles. (Yes, we know you just shuddered a bit.) 

Your Sanguine kiddo will adore our bright-coloredhats and socks. They will also love oursmiley hats! These kids are truly a ray of sunshine. Let them show it off with their favorite rey to Z styles and be sure to tag us in pics to share on our social media! They will love seeing their cute little faces on the Rey to Z feed! 


This little one may be seen as what one would call an “old soul.”  These sweeties are deep and sentimental. They love routines and traditions and they are intuitive and empathetic. They are also social, when not overwhelmed, and they love to be helpful and noticed for their efforts. These kiddos need some warning before changing their routine, as they are not as fond of adventure or risks as other personality types. 

Activity Ideas: 

Write or read together. These kids are expressive and deep and they love to dream. They will love getting sucked into a story together, Reading aloud together can be very engaging for them. They also tend to be very introspective and writing a story, poem or even a funny song together is fun for them and also helps them get their feelings out on paper. 

Make a Family Tree. Tradition and family are important to these little ones. They love learning about their family heritage and seeing their family tree in a tangible form will make them feel grounded, connected, and secure. It’s also a ton of fun! The easiest way to do this is to find the informationonline.Then, you can create a tree out of construction paper or other materials, and fill in all of the leaves with family member bios and printed photos. 

These little ones love the connection with the people they love. They will love sporting our Rey to Z family hats. Check out ourdad,mama, and  sibling hats, or surprise theirgrandparents! 


These kiddos are full of heart. They are thoughtful, calm, controlled, and diplomatic. These cuties need connection and thrive from helping others. It is important to offer them meaningful relationships and experiences.  They are the ones who love watching their little siblings, helping mama cook and being part of a bigger cause. 

Activity Ideas: 

Make cards/gifts for friends and loved ones. These littles will get an absolute kick out of making a card for someone they love, and receiving a response. This can be a fun way to keep connections with family or friends who live far away…or even next door! They also love to give gifts. Help them pick out gifts and surprises for friends, or even bake some cookies for the neighbors. 

Volunteer. These kids get an absolute thrill from being needed. They love to volunteer. Take them to the local assisted living and drop off cards for residents, or even spend some time chatting. Let them help make a meal for a family who is sick. Take them to clean up the local park. This will give them a sense of belonging and satisfaction, 

These cuties will be thrilled to surprise a new mom with acustom baby hat.They will also love making a care package for a sick friend, complete with  cozy socks!

We see you and we know you are doing your best. That’s why we do our best to provide every style you can imagine and make it customizable for you and your unique family. We also always offer 15% off your first order when you sign up for texts and free shipping on orders $60 or more. Also, if you love us as much as we love you, we offer a  Refer a Friend program, you and your bestie both get $5 off your order.

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett