March 24, 2023

Hey mama! Spring may be here on the calendar, but some of us live in places where it still feels more like the dead of winter. Not to despair. We have put together this guide to help you beat those end-of-winter blahs. We all get them. Even the littles. Slide right through to warmer days and keep the whole fam from going crazy with these fun activities. While you’re at it, grab some of our  monogrammed baseball hats for the whole family and take some memorable pics! We havekids baseball hats,mama hats, hats fordad and even an adorable collection of  baby baseball hats. our little family will look amazing while beating those blahs. What a win for you, mama!

We are so very close! Spring is moving toward us and behind her is sweet summertime. If you live in an area that is still experiencing cold and…heaven forbid…snow… you and the fam may be feeling what a lot of families deal with in March and April…the end of winter blahs. You have done all of the wintery things you can do. Snowmen have been built. Snuggles and cuddles have been given. Games have been played. Movies have been watched. More baked goods have been consumed than can possibly be healthy. What in the world is a mama to do? Try out one or all of our 5 ideas for beating those dreaded winter blahs. 

Spruce up your space:

There is nothing more refreshing than a home that has been freshly spruced up. Let the kids each pick a fun color to paint their room and make a weekend of redecorating their rooms for spring. Turn the dingy basement into the ultimate play area. Get the whole fam involved in repurposing some old furniture into new, fun looks for the house. It gets everyone moving and changes your scenery. 

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Bundle up and get moving!

Bundle those kiddos up, pack a thermos of hot chocolate, and go for a little family hike, or stroll through the park. Just being in nature, even if only for a short time, and getting those little bodies moving is sure to help the littles feel refreshed. City dwellers? Find a fun, quirky coffee shop - some even provide board games - and walk there instead of driving. The cool, crisp air will blow away even the most bummer of moods. 

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Learn something new

Check out a local museum, take a class together, or watch an interesting documentary. There are so many ways for the whole fam to learn something new. Shared learning experiences are amazing for building a strong bond. Ideas for classes to take as a family could be a cooking class, martial arts, an art class, or even something completely silly, like an improv class. No matter what you choose, ask the kiddos questions. Get their wheels turning. Take time to fully immerse yourselves in the experience. A trip for ice cream afterward wouldn't hurt either.

Camp Indoors

Build a good, old-fashioned fort. String some lights inside. Make it super comfy. It seems like such a small idea, but the kids will get a huge kick out of it. Playing in a new environment or even watching a movie from inside a fort will make them feel excited. Make some non-messy, cute treats or pop homemade popcorn to have in the fort. They will love it!

Board game extravaganza

Break out all the board games you can find. Make fun snacks and treats and get playing! Your little cuties will be overjoyed at the idea of an entire day spent in play! Let each kid pick a game they like best and play it as a family. This encourages individuality as well as a family bond. This also builds core memories that your sweeties can reflect on as they grow up. 

You’ve got this mama

We know it can be long and tiring to get through winter. You are tired of coats and gloves and boots to put on and take off. You are ready to see little bare feet run through the lush, green grass. We know. You are so close. Just try to remember one of our favorite quotes here at Rey to Z: 

“These days are long, but these years are short.” - Gretchen Rubin. 

These last days of winter may seem to drag on but we encourage you to embrace them. One day, you will remember them warmly. We promise. 

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Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett