March 02, 2021

Happy St. Patrick’s/Patty’s/Paddy’s Day!

We are not sticklers on what to call this holiday, we’re just happy to have another reason to celebrate!  We’re not sure what it’s like everywhere else, but here in Chicago, St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty big deal.  Unfortunately we’ll miss the parades this year, and probably won’t have a green keg like we did in our younger years, but it doesn’t mean we’re any less excited to party!  If you’re anything like us and looking to have a few fun trinkets for the holiday, take a look at our best picks:

  1. Did you really think we weren’t going to talk about our new kid’s hats?!?We’re a sucker for the classics, so our personal favorite is the Terra Cotta Shamrock Hat that screams St. Patrick’s Day with its orange and green colors.   If you want to be a bit more subdued, our Kelly Green Baseball Hat works for the holiday, but then can lead you right into Spring.
  2. We know we’re all about the kids, but let's focus on the parents for just a minute.  We understand this probably won’t be an all day drink fest anymore, but we need to indulge just a little, ok? Crate & Barrel’s Irish Coffee Mug holds the perfect Irish Coffee, with as much or as little booze as you prefer.
  3. Is there ever a reason to pass up holiday themed clothing for toddlers?  We can’t think of one.  Gap has some great additions this year, first with Toddler St. Patrick's Day Crew Socks.  Our kids are pretty lucky to have us as parents, right?  So luckily these socks work all year round.  We also can never pass on another pair of pajamas, so we’re definitely scooping up this Organic St. Patrick's Day PJ Set. 
  4. Looking to bring a little magic to your dinner?  Look no further that Pastabilities Good Luck Shaped Pasta with Shamrocks.  We know we’re not supposed to encourage playing with food, but these might be pretty hard to resist.  We can’t guarantee these taste any more spirited than regular shaped pasta, but we’re confident they’ll bring an extra smile to your little leprechaun.
  5. Since we’re on day 9,000 of this pandemic, we can always use something that will keep our kids a little extra busy.  Etsy has some great busy box options, but our favorite is this St. Patrick's Day Sensory Kit.  Filled with play dough, cookie cutters and more, this should entertain anyone for hours, or at least 15 minutes if you’re a toddler.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Anne A
Anne A