January 23, 2023

New Year, New Beanies!

New Mama Beanies Reveal and New Years Resolution Guide

We blinked and it was 2023! Happy New Year from your favorite timeless company,Rey to Z.You know the saying, don’t you? New year, new me. Well we took that and ran with it. This year, the hottest saying is New Year, New Beanies! Our  Mama Beanies are officially here and ready for you to strut your way into the new year in style. 

Not only are we excited to show you the new beanie collection, we have also put together a quick and easy guide to helping yourself and the fam stick to your New Year Resolutions. Read on for some great ideas from the Rey to Z team on making and keeping your New year’s resolutions! 

This Is Your Year

We want to support you in crushing your resolutions. 

Maybe you have vowed to wake up earlier to attend that yoga class you’ve been thinking about joining for so long.. 

Maybe you will finally pick up that pen and begin writing or journaling… 

Or maybe, you simply decide to be more present in this next year. Taking time to chase those babies around the playground, kiss those little toes, and say yes to more adventures, more memories. 

Whatever and wherever you find yourself, our hope is you feel comfortable and confident in the process. 

Witheleven different colors to choose from, our Rey to Z mama beanies cater to all style preferences and personalities. Our new mama beanies are just what you need to look great on the go. Did we mention how comfy they are? Buttery soft and perfect for all activity levels. 

Your Style, Your Way 

Resolve to show the world who you are in 2023. We are happy to offer custom baseball hats and beanies to suit your distinct style. Encourage your kids to love their individuality with our custom  Kids Baseball Hats, which can be embroidered with your kiddoesname on the back.Dress the whole fam with  hats for dad too. Baseball hats for the whole family also make for the cutest photo ops. 

New Years Resolution Guide 

Now that the family is outfitted for looking great on the go, it’s time to get going. There is something about a new year that just feels so fresh and promising. If you are like a lot of us, you have probably taken a look at the year ahead and decided on some goals that you would loke to achieve. 

We talked to the team here at Rey To Z and we came up with a guide to keeping New Year's Resolutions. Here are some tips and tricks from the Rey to Z team. 

Make a Vision Board 

Whatever your beliefs, a visual representation of the year you would like to live can be a powerful tool in helping you stick to your goals. You know the saying, ‘out of sight,, out of mind,’ this saying holds true to our goals as well. If you have to stare at a picture of the mountain you want to hike, the car you want to buy, the healthy lifestyle you want to live, every single day…you are far more likely to make it happen. 

Cut photos out of magazines if you like to do things the old fashioned way, or take advantage of an app for your phone. There are several out there that help you create a digital vision board. One team member suggested making the vision board your computer or phone wallpaper. 

Tell a Friend. Tell Strangers. Tell Anyone Who Will Listen. 

That’s right. When we dose ourselves up with a big heaping ration of accountability, we are actually twice as likely to succeed. Have you ever noticed how you make plans with a friend to go to the gym, and even though you really want to bail and watch Bravo, you go because you don't want to let them down? This concept is much like this. 

If you make an announcement that your book will be ready for publishing in 6 months, or you are moving to Montana to start your own ranch, or your restaurant will be opening in the fall…we bet you will make it happen. In fact, research says you are increasing your chances two fold. 

Get The Kids Involved 

Yes, mama. You heard us. If you’re reading this blog, we guarantee that you are a conscious mama who aims to be the best she can for her babies. Who better than to hold you accountable than the ones you hold the most dear? 

Letting down one of your kids is a fate we know you will do anything to avoid. The best part of this however, is the way it will impact their hearts and minds. You will show them that anything is possible, and their mama is a force to be reckoned with. That should be motivation in itself. As the popular saying goes, ' You will die for your kids…but will you live for them?’ Well…will you? 

Write Your Biography 

This is a fun and creative way to get those wheels turning. Take an hour and write a few paragraphs summarizing your life in a mock biography. Tell the reader all of the things that you accomplished and how you did them. 

Go into as much detail as you can. Where did you live? What were your accomplishments? What were your hobbies? Who do you want to be remembered as? 

This is a great way to come up with creative solutions to problems and obstacles. In writing your story as if it already happened, you will naturally find the plot twists to tell the reader how it all happened and viola - you have a solution. 

Rey To Z Is Here For You 

Rey To Z values our customers and we make it our goal to provide value to you in our products but also as a trusted friend. Stay tuned to our blog for future posts just like this. We know being a mama is hard, we are here to help you find solutions, fun ideas, encouragement and community. Also, as always, take advantage of our Refer a Friend program and get $5 off your order. 

Happy New Year!

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett