February 27, 2023

Hey mama, it’s the moment we have all been waiting for! Time to start planning your family’s spring break vacation! Well earned, Well deserved. Where is it you are dreaming to go? We are here to make this planning process as breezy as possible. From all of the moms at Rey to Z, we gathered their best tips and tricks. We are excited to present:

How To Pack For Your Spring Break Trip. What To Wear. What To Bring.

Beach Blast 

Picture this…warm sun kissing your skin. Shades on. Beach hair and don’t care, because you and the whole fam  are sporting your new Rey to Z embroidered baseball caps. The babies are packed up and ready for a day spent splashing in some waves. These  cutie hats are durable enough to handle sunscreen, sand, and sticky fingers alike.

Don’t Forget Items: 

  • Polarized Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen
  • Water 
  • Snacks
  • Towels
  • Sand Toys 
  • Water Bottle (For rinsing sand from eyes and hands) 
  • Chilly Chillin

    More of a snow and slopes family? You just can’t go wrong with a ski trip.  Our monogrammed beanies are key to keeping you and yours warm and toasty. With each ride through that fresh powder, your whole family will be looking rad as ever. They are oh so perfect for cozying up by the fire in the lodge as well. A steaming cup of hot cocoa is calling your name. Get matchy with our  Mama Beanies and  Kids Beanies in matching colors!

    Don’t Forget Items:

  • Dry Socks
  • Snacks 
  • Sunscreen
  • Mid Layers 
  • Gloves 
  • Wool Socks 
  • Hot Hands 
  • Home Turf Traverse

    Does getting on a plane or driving cross country sound like a little more than you are up for? How about a peaceful staycation? Sometimes it’s just what we need to recoup, without the added stress of travel.  Venture to a new local hole in the wall, watch a fun new film at the theater, or  embark on exploring attractions that your hometown has to offer. Turn yourselves into tourists for the day and you might just be surprised at how many cool spots are right around the corner!  Don’t forget to look picture perfect for family photos along the way with our monogrammed baseball hats for the whole fam.  Mama,  Sis,  Bro,  Dad…we even have a  baby baseball hat for the smallest member of your crew!

    Don’t Forget items:

  • Comfy Footwear 
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks 
  • Water 
  • Layer Clothing 
  • Strollers/ Wagons 
  • Hand Sanitizer for high traffic city areas 
  • Pro Tips:

    Tip one: Plan well ahead of time

    The infamous spring break vacation. The days of bikinis, beach volleyball, and cheap drinks are over. You’ll need to do your research ahead of time to be prepared when you arrive with the littles. Taking the time to do some research on picking a family friendly environment will help to avoid any added stress of wild crowds. Choose a destination with open space to let those babies go barefoot and roam.

    Tip two: Create a bucket list! 

    Having a bucket list of places you would like to go, people you would like to see, and plenty of options for dining or other activities is brilliant. Did some of your plans suddenly fall through? Great! You already have a list of ideas to fill the gap. Can’t decide what everyone wants to eat for dinner? Have no fear. Close your eyes and point to the bucket list! Even if you do not completely follow it, it’s a great tool to conjure up some last minute ideas.

    Tip three: Pack the essentials for planes, trains and automobiles!  For The plane:

    Give your babies some hand wipes and let them go to town on their seats, trays, windows, and anywhere else they’d like to clean! Kids do not understand the difference between adult responsibilities and play. So let them help! Bring along individual snack trays with small compartments for all your kiddos favorite snacks.

    For The Beach:

    Does your little one refuse sunscreen? No problem! Buy a few foundation face brushes for easy, fun application while avoiding greasy fingers! Bring along some mesh bags for easy storage and to help sift out leftover sand in clothes and toys. Speaking of sand, throw some baby powder on you and your babies legs and feet to quickly and easily wipe off any remaining sand. Brilliant!

    For The Snow:

    Lay out each individual article of clothing in order of putting them on. This way, when your squirmy toddler lays down for that diaper change, it’s easy peasy to slip their layers on in one quick, tear free motion.

    For The Car:

    Is a road trip in your future this Spring break? Bring along some suction cup toys for endless fun on the car windows! Doodle boards, water painting, kids cameras, and bubbles. The recipe for success!

    For the Train:

    Train rides are a ton of fun but they can be unpredictable. Sometimes there can be unexpected stalls in the route, and waiting lists for meals. Be sure to pack adequate snacks and drinks, drawing books and markers, fully charged electronics and dress for comfort.  Wherever your spring break travels take you, we know you will make it memorable for the whole fam. Family vacations will live in the hearts of your kids for the rest of their lives. Remember,

    “These days are long, but these years are short.” - Gretchen Rubin

    We see you and we know you are doing your best. That’s why we do our best to provide every style you can imagine and make it customizable for you and your unique family. We also always offer15% off your first order when you sign up for texts and free shipping on orders $60 or more. Also, if you love us as much as we love you, we offer a  Refer a Friend program, you and your bestie both get $5 off your order.

    Happy Spring Break!

    All the best,


    Jennifer Bennett
    Jennifer Bennett