October 28, 2022

Attention all beanie lovers! If you can’t hear us calling you under that cozy beanie, uncover your ears and listen up:  It’s time to introduce our beanie line-up for 2022-2023!

We’ve got ultra-soft  beanies for kids and adults of all ages — because is there anything cuter than a baby in a beanie? Get ready to mix and match your little one with comfort and style! But be sure to check the size — you don’t want any headaches with an overly tight beanie. Sizes include Small (6M-18M), Medium (2Y-8Y), and Large (9Y-Adult).

You and your kids are cool beans — and you deserve the COOLEST beanies! Check out our NEW collection of bright, pastel, and striped beanies for men and adults.

Wait! Before we introduce you to the beanie gang… remember that ALL our designs are customizable, making our beanies the perfect cold-weather gift for birthdays, baby showers, and more!

Your beanie can include:

A Personalized Letter

Go for the first letter of your kids’ first name, last name, or favorite pet — the choice is yours from A-Z!

A Smiley Face

Kids LOVE the smiley face design — and so do adults! Look for the smiley version of all our latest beanies below.

We know — beanies are a great last-minute choice for a bad hair day. Our high-quality, stretchy material makes sure your beanie doesn’t give you or your kiddos an even worse hair day than you started with!

Now, without further ado… here are our NEW fall and winter beanies for 2022! Cozy up and choose your favorite:

Bright Beanies for Winter 2022

Boysenberry Beanie

Sometimes, grabbing the hair brush isn’t an option, but you still want to make a fashion statement. The pinkish-purple pop of boysenberry brings sophistication and joy to any outfit!

Candy Apple Beanie

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… unless you’re eating candy apples. As Halloween rolls in, this captivating red candy apple beanie is just what the doctor ordered.

Magenta Beanie

Ready to turn the brightness up to 100? Spread happiness with the bold magenta beanie! Say hello to bright colors and goodbye to seasonal depression.

Last but not least…

Bright Stripe Pom Pom Hat

Oh yes – pom poms are back, baby! But not just any beanie deserves such a cute topping. This season, go for a striped beanie with bright rings of color. Can you see all the colors from the stripes in the pom pom itself? What’s not to love?!

If you’re looking for something more subdued, keep reading! The last beanie on our list might surprise you.

Pastel Beanies for Winter 2022

Blush Beanie

One of our most popular beanies for women! This subdued, rosy beanie is sure to get compliments, especially when paired with a floral design.

Ginger Beanie

As pumpkin spice season rolls in, so does the cold. Keep warm with a hot cup of coffee and this ginger beanie! The down-to-earth hue is perfect for a more muted wardrobe.

Midnight Beanie

If you’re on the lookout for unique beanies for men and boys, the midnight beanie is a must-have. The deep, dark-blue color goes with practically anything. Stylish outfits are guaranteed!

Stormy Blue Beanie

Another popular beanie among men and boys is the stormy blue beanie, which reminds us of a perfect winter sky. Cool, flattering, and a great way to make baby blue eyes pop!

Wheat Beanie

You don’t have to be a baker to love the wheat beanie. This rustic, earthy color is bright enough to elevate your outfit from a doughy mix to a fully-risen style.

To finish the collection, we’re tying everything together…

Sedona Stripe Pom Pom Hat

If the bright stripe pom pom hat didn’t match your personal style, check out this alternate muted version! Can you say the perfect fall hat? We’re seeing the colors of clouds, sky, trees, and fallen leaves — all topped with a multi-colored pom pom! Autumn, here we come.

Caring For Your Winter Beanie

Here’s an easy way to remember how to wash your winter beanies — they’re made for winter, so keep them cold! Hand wash your beanies in cold water, and do not bleach them. Lay them flat to dry, then your freshly cleaned beanies will be back to their original softness in no time.

Fun Family Winter Photos

Ready to give your family and friends the perfect family photos this winter? Spell it out for them! Get creative with your letter customization and have your winter beanies spell out a special message. Got an extra-large family and want to help the extended members keep track of who’s who? Go ahead and embroider letters on your beanies, and voila — the perfect holiday cards are yours! Trust us – your family will thank you.

Beanies Made to Order

Giving our beanies as a gift means giving someone a customized, made-to-order item unlike any other! We’re confident you’ll love your personalized beanies from our carefully curated selection of colors and styles.

Remember to load up on beanies early this season! Because our beanies are made just for you, they will take a little longer to ship. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for the beanies to be ready for shipping.

Hey, gift-givers — that means NOW is the time to place your order!

Start Designing Your Custom Winter Beanies Today!

Don’t let the cold get you down this season — we’re ready to get to work on your custom beanie order now! Our high-quality beanies promise to bring joy for many seasons to come. Find a hat like no other from Rey to Z.

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett