October 05, 2022

Attention moms! We know how challenging and expensive it can be to outfit your whole mini-boo crew for Halloween. Buying pre-packaged costumes with all the necessary accessories add up quickly. And what are the odds these costumes will ever be used again? They’re low. We know the struggle firsthand!

That’s why this year, we’re sharing six of our favorite do-it-yourself Halloween costumes that are both adorable and simple. You can put many of them together with items you already have at home and a little creativity. Plus, each of these costumes incorporates a Rey to Z hat, from beanies to smiley hats and toddler hats. So, you’ll rest assured knowing that once November 1st rolls around, your kids’ Halloween costumes will not go to waste!

A Sweet, Rainbow Assortment of M&Ms

One of our favorite Halloween costume ideas for your crew of kiddos is an assortment of M&Ms! This costume idea is simple to execute and absolutely adorable. Let each kid pick their favorite color (they likely already have tons of clothing in that color, right?!) and transform it into a little ball of chocolatey goodness.

Executing this one is fairly simple. Make sure each of your little minions has a top in their designated M&M color, long sleeve or sweatshirt for colder climates, and short-sleeved for the lucky ones celebrating a warm All Hallows' Eve. Then print out an “M” stencil in Monotype, the font used for the brand’s first M&M logo. You can use this stencil to cut out M’s in white fabric or cardboard, whichever you have on hand, and safety pins them to the front of each shirt. Top the entire look with a matching-colored hat, and voila!

If you’re in need of solid-colored gear, you can easily find it at Rey to Z! Rey to Z offers sweatshirts, smiley hats, beanies, and toddler hats in a rainbow of colors and prints. Our favorite option for this particular costume is a customizable beanie!

customizable beanie

Baseball Team, Assemble!

Another super easy and completely adorable Halloween costume for your squad is a baseball team! This one is also pretty easy to execute, as just a few accessories are enough to make it look totally legit. 

Start off with a baseball hat – DUH! Grab your kid’s favorite Rey to Z hat, or surprise them with a brand new, custom letters baseball cap! Our hats are made with 100% cotton and adjustable back closures, to ensure they are comfortable and fit perfectly!

From there, all you need are a few matching tees and knee-high socks. If you want to really sell it, grab some baseballs and a miniature baseball bat or two. Your kids are sure to score some awesome candy with this charming, sporty costume!

Scouting for Some Candy

For the outdoorsy little ones out there, a scout or ranger costume is a must! Whether your kid loves camping, hiking, or outdoor skills, this costume is sure to make them right at home. If you’re not quite as skilled at DIY projects, this one is for you! Simply assemble the components and you’re on the way!

Start out with any neutral or khaki bottoms, adding a button-up on top. Grab a green handkerchief to tie as a scarf. Top it all off with a scout-approved Rey to Z hat, adding authority and an outdoorsy feel to the whole look. Our Terra Cotta Hat with White Terry Letter is the perfect topper for this look, though lots of colors and styles of baseball caps will work just fine!

Scouting for Some Candy

Timber! Here Comes the Lumberjack

If you’ve got a little one that loves getting down in the dirt, this lumberjack costume might be the perfect one for you. The most important part of this costume is the flannel! Not only does it scream lumberjack, it will also keep your little one cozy and warm all evening long. Add a pair of black, chunky boots or shoes if you have them. And smudging a little dirt on the cheeks will only make the whole look more authentic!

Top the flannel off with a snug beanie, to both complete the look and add yet another layer of warmth. Our Candy Apple Beanie compliments flannels of all shades and styles and is easy to spot among the crowd of kids on the hunt for candy. Our beanies are made with a blend of fabrics and are stretchier and comfier than ever.


It IS All Rainbows and Unicorns!

We saved one of the best for last! This look is a super fun costume as you can take it in all sorts of creative directions and incorporate an endless array of accessories. The more over the top, the better!

 To execute a rainbow unicorn costume, all you need is something rainbow and some glitter! One of our favorite ways to bring this look to life is with a rainbow tutu or a rainbow rope to act as the tail. Any clothing under this really works – white sweatsuit, pink tee shirt, and shorts – you name it! We think it looks especially good with the Rey to Z Light Pink Smiley Face Hat. We’ve got all sizes, including for your little ones!

 Finish off this whole look with glitter – a lot of it! We all know kids love glitter, and Halloween is the day to make sure they don’t hold back. Give them a little glitz around the eyes, cheeks, and neck. And if you really want to sell it, create a simple cone from a piece of white paper and attach it to your kid’s hat. Your little unicorn is ready to be unleashed!

Light Pink Smiley Face Hat

Don’t let the commercialized, overpriced Halloween costumes get you again this year. Your boo crew will feel even more special in unique, personalized costumes. Plus, as you’ve seen throughout the options presented here, it really can be simple and quick to put together your own costume at home! Whether you opt for the baseball star, the scout, or an adorable M&M, a little creativity, and a piece of gear from Rey to Z are sure to bring your vision to life and make this the best Halloween yet!

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett