September 23, 2022

Classics areclassicsfor a reason, y’all. And baseball hats are about as classic as it gets when it comes to American garb. Men, women, and kids alike haven’t shied away from the cute practicality of a baseball hat since the mid-1800s! 

These household hats have evolved quite a bit since then, being found on the field and way (way!) off it. 

It’s no secret that we love a baseball cap at Rey to Z, so today we’re talking you through some of our favorite ways to style them! Let’s dig in. 

Baseball Hats and Women’s Wear

Remember how a few years ago, we all realized we could wear sneakers with dresses? Baseball caps are kind of like that. 

A good, classic baseball hat goes with everything! We love them just as much with a blazer as we do with a pair of leggings. Try out some of our favorite combos, and send us a pic or review so we can celebrate the look!

Baseball Hat Style Combinations for Women: 

  • For Sunday Funday:
    • A sundress and a girly baseball hat.Try the Light Pink Hat + White Terry Letter 
  • For the Office: 
    • An oversized blazer, shiny locks, and a neutral hat.Try the Chai Baseball Hat
  • For Drinks with the Girls: 
  • For Vacation: 

Mama Hats!

Hey mama! We know your day is as busy as busy gets. And haircare? It’s not always in the cards. Baseball caps are a game changer for busy moms! Undeniably cute and ready to match anything, they’re the perfect solution for when you want to look and feel like you had the time… even when you didn’t. 

You’ll get absolutely no judgment from us or from anyone else in your circle;Rey to Z women’s hats are made to look intentional, always. The fact that it was also the easiest option for you this morning can stay our little secret! 

Our hats are just as popular for mamas as they are for little ones. We love them styled to match the group or as a special gift for moms, moms-to-be, moms-in-law – or any other special mama in your life. Go custom, or stick with a classic:THE Mama Hat

P.S.Aunties love a hat too! 

Baseball Hats for Families and Groups

Our founder, Jennifer, was on a mission to make every day more special for her family when she started Rey to Z. Inspired by her daughter, Rey, she set out to create personalized hats for the entire crew—from the littlest of kiddos to parents, too. Life’s everyday moments are just more fun to celebrate as a group! And groups love to match. 


Ahhh, the beauty of matching while allowing each little one to have “their own!” – there’s nothing better. From family photos and reunions to beach vacations and walks around the block, we’ve got custom hats for mom, dad,kids of all ages, grandma + grandpa, and more! 

Bridal Parties: 

Put the tiaras down! It’s time to swap for something a bit more comfortable. Bridal parties love our hats for the whole group! Perfect for shielding the sun on the beach or dancing the night away with your best gals, ourbridal hats can be customized to your specific vibe.  

Corporate Events: 

We love the comradery a matching look brings to an event. Whether it’s an act of service or volunteer day, or a corporate outing (maybe a baseball game? Ha!), your office will thank you for mixing it up from the standard itchy tee. Opt for a custom hat instead! 

Church Groups: 

Coordinating hats are perfect for spotting in a crowd or large space. Church groups of all sizes can find custom options their members will love at Rey to Z! 

Customize Your Hat (and Your Outfit!)

The customization flows from the top down. 

Did you know that in addition to our beloved ball caps, Rey to Z also offers custom clothing? We just couldn’t resist the opportunity to put our thinking caps (Ha! See what we did there?) on and perfect the comfies custom sweatshirts andpullovers for our customers. Plussocks too! 

Our new and popular pullovers are available for kids and adults, just like our hats. And also, like our hats, they’re made with the utmost care and love, featuring 100% cotton, embroidered letters, and classic cuts. All are made locally in Los Angeles. 

Styles from the Rey to Z Customers

We love hearing feedback from our Rey to Z family! The 5-star reviews fill us with pride but seeing the endless ways each of you and your families styles their custom orders is just as much of a treat. Here are a few of our favorite ‘ways to wear’ – directly from our Rey to Z community: 

“These are perfect for a family photo! I purchased seven hats for the crew’s Easter baskets, and we LOVE them! My boys grab them every time we leave the house without me even reminding anyone. I smile every time I see my kids all matching, and they’re great for spontaneous photo shoots!” -Anna B. 

“The perfect Mother-in-Law gift! My MIL loved this! She was happy to have a neutral hat that goes with everything.” -Sarah S. 

I love this pullover so much. It’s French terry, so it’s great even for cooler summer nights or when the A/C is blasting. I’m looking forward to layering it in the winter, too. The quality of the construction and stitching is really impressive”- Abigail C. 

Styles, from Rey to Z

However you choose to style your custom hats or clothes, we hope our creations bring you and yours together, just like our goal always intended. Shop now for the best deals leading up to the holiday season! 

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett