August 23, 2022

The original form of a baseball hat was first worn by an amateur baseball team, the Brooklyn Excelsiors, in the year 1860. By the early 1900s, it had become an essential way to identify different baseball teams while on the field. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that people began to wear them as more of a fashion statement! Since then, baseball hats have exploded in popularity and are now an almost universally-worn hat.

Fast forward to today, many people wear baseball hats, but not many invest in a quality one. The sheer variety of baseball caps makes them an excellent choice for everyone, especially once you find your favorite one and wear it in a little. Read along for a few of our favorite benefits to finding a great baseball hat, where you can find a great one, and how to wear them!

1. Baseball Hats Fit Any Personality

Baseball hats have been popular for decades, and that means people have had plenty of time to get creative with their designs, patterns, colors, and materials. The variety of baseball hats is truly endless. Here are some of our favorite ways to customize and personalize baseball hats:

  • Sports teams
  • Favorite brands
  • School colors
  • Names
  • Sayings or phrases
  • Animals 
  • Political opinions 
  • …and many more

Additionally, Baseball hats are an affordable option that allows you to choose one that expresses your taste and style and a range of different ones. Many people choose to collect baseball hats as keepsakes or a way to show off all of their interests and hobbies in one single collection.

2. Protect Your Eyes and Skin

Baseball hats aren’t just about style, they also provide protection for some of your most delicate features! By creating a shadow across your face, they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that can cause aging, macular degeneration, and other vision problems. 
They also protect your skin from the sun. While sunscreen is essential to protect your skin, keeping the sun physically off of your face is preferred by dermatologists as a way to prevent skin cancer, wrinkles, and squint lines. Baseball caps are the perfect companion for hikes, boat days, walks outside, beach days, and so many more activities!

3. Make a connection before you meet someone or show your love for that special someone

Baseball hats allow each person to express their unique style. They allow you to show others who you are and what you love before you even speak. They can bring together teams, create team building for companies, help fans celebrate, and simply help you connect with strangers as you live your life! There is nothing better than feeling like the most genuine version of you, and it’s even better when you don’t have to explain yourself. 
Baseball hats are also a great option to celebrate the specific people in your life! Show off your loving family to the world, or get your significant other a cute matching gift for your upcoming adventure. For businesses, baseball caps are also a great way to raise brand awareness as well as generate buzz for both employees and potential customers alike.
Next time you’re looking for a way to express your uniqueness, choose a baseball hat to do it! 

4. A baseball hat can go almost anywhere

Listen, we have nothing against other kinds of hats, we love beanies in the wintertime and a big beach hat to hang out on vacation. However, baseball hats are unique in comparison. Why? Because, unlike sun hats, they can protect your face from the rays but are alsoportable! How many times have you wanted to bring a sun hat on your lake day or beach vacation only to run out of room to take it with you? On the other hand, beanies and bucket hats are great options to take anywhere but provide little to no protection. 
A baseball hat is truly the Goldy Locks of the bunch, providing protection while its malleable back also makes it a portable option. Plus, many baseball hats are even designed to have a more “worn” look, so leaving it in your car, packing it in a suitcase, or putting it on with wet hair all just give it that perfect lived-in look.

5. Helps to regulate your body temperature

While many people choose baseball hats solely for style purposes, they are also used by hikers, rangers, researchers, and more who are exposed to the elements on a regular basis. In these cases, they are largely used for their sun protection feature, as well as to help regulate extreme hot and cold temperatures.
By covering your head, a baseball hat helps insulate your body heat to keep you warm and blocks sunlight from a very sensitive part of your body to keep you cool in the heat.

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Our collection can be customized and makes a great treat for yourself, a gift for the family, or a memento for your work team or children’s sports teams. They are crafted from 100% cotton and are made to last. Shop the full collection now and find your perfect baseball hat match!

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett