January 19, 2021

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  Here in the Midwest, winters can be a bit...bleak.  But Valentine's Day is finally something to look forward to, and a subtle reminder that we are slowly getting closer to spring.  Have you ever looked up the origins of Valentine’s Day?  It’s something about St. Valentine, the beginning of springtime, honestly, we’re still a little confused. So instead, we like focusing on our current traditions: candy, flowers, and candy! However, we’re trying to avoid massive dental bills, so below are our top (non-edible) Valentine’s Day Gifts!

  1. Have you checked out our new kid's hats?!  There’s so much newness to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favorite.  But...if you’re twisting our arm...we think the Denim Sweetheart might just be our top contender.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day, but we can already picture our little one running outside with it come springtime.  While we’re always focusing on the kids, it never hurts to take a peek for ourselves.  The hats in the Mama and Babe Set is a close second favorite for us.  It’s the perfect gift for your mini (and yourself!)
  2. We’re a real sucker for cute pajamas, and if they are holiday themed?  We just can’t resist.  Our current favorites are these Long John Pajamas from Hanna Anderrson.  Made with organic cotton, they are super soft but also hold up well throughout multiple washings.  While we really like the classic heart print, they have a variety of options for every personality!
  3. Is our next pick a gift for your kids or really a gift for you?  We’re not sure.  All we know is the Mini Heart Waffle Maker was simply too cute to pass up.   You’ll start Valentine’s Day off just right with this addition, plus it makes the perfect toddler size portion for breakfast.
  4. Is there anything better in the middle of winter than a warm, fuzzy blanket?  We’ll answer that for you: no, there is not.  This adorable Love Bug Heirloom Baby Blanket is backed in sherpa to make it extra cozy.  This blanket will fix any cold winter night while also providing endless photo ops.
  5. Last but not least, we always love a good book.  Our Toddler is reaching that phase where one book before bed just doesn’t quite cut it, so time for us to stock up. Dr. Seuss's Lovey Things is filled with tongue twisters from Thing 1 and Thing 2 that is sure to make anyone smile. 
Anne A
Anne A