April 23, 2024

Greetings, fellow parents! It's time to discuss a necessary child accessory as we prepare for the warmer summer days ahead: hats! Not just any hats, but those ideal for summertime headgear that seamlessly blend fashion and sun protection. If you wear shades and use sunblock then why shouldn’t your baby enjoy the same protection with a fun summer-style hat?

Why Do We Need Summer Hats for Babies?

Studies suggest that proper sun protection in early childhood can lower the risk of developing skin cancer later in life, underscoring the importance of simple measures like using abaseball cap for sun safety. Especially for fair-skinned children.

Wearing a baseball cap can offer protection to a baby's delicate face from the harsh rays of the sun, reducing the risk of a painful sunburn. Additionally, it can shield their eyes from bright, glaring sunlight, making outdoor experiences more enjoyable, less squinting, fewer headaches, and a bit safer for them.

Best Summer Hats

Baseball caps are primarily associated with baseball. In reality, they are used in a wide range of professional sports: Softball, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Fishing, Running and Jogging. Outdoor activities need both higher visibility along natural sun shielding once they step out onto the field.

Why should your son or daughter get any less protection while enjoying outdoor life? Especially since they can’t choose to protect their little faces with either sunblock or a trendy baseball cap without your assistance.

Now that we know how important summer hats are for our priceless little ones, let's discuss which hats are built for the best fit and style for little children. We find for both comfort and fashion in the summerinfant baseball caps are usually best.  

  • Sizing: When buying hats for infants, note that they typically come in one size fits all. However, it's important to ensure that the hats are designed for smaller heads to guarantee a proper fit and comfort.
  • Material: Choose breathable, lightweight textiles like cotton to keep your infant cool and comfortable this summer. Extra points for a hat with movable components for a personalized fit, such as buckles, elastic bands, or chin straps. Keep in mind all of our infant baseball caps feature an adjustable back closure and are all made with 100% cotton.

Tips for Summer Hat Sizing

Now that you've selected the ideal summertime hat for your little outdoor companion, what should you do now? The following helpful advice will guarantee a tight but comfortable fit:

  • Measure Up: Use a flexible tape measure to measure your baby's head circumference above the ears and eyebrows. This can help you determine the appropriate size at a decent starting point.
  • Check Product Descriptions: When selecting caps for your infant online, remember that each baby's head size is unique. While sizing is typically one size fits all for infants, it's important to check if the product has an adjustable strap to fit perfectly to your infant’s head.
  • Comfort is essential: Search for hats with soft materials like cotton and adjustable bands or straps that won't irritate your baby's soft skin. A comfortable fit and feel makes for a satisfied infant!
  • Customizable: It is important you and your child feel confident with the hat that they wear. With that in mind, we offer a wide variety of infant baseball hat choices, however, if you want to be creative and have a design in mind you know will light up your baby’s face we offercustomizable baseball hats to you and your children. 
  • Summer Hat Cleaning Advice

    After discovering the ideal summer hat for your child, you should take proper care of it to ensure it survives the entire summer season. The following advice can help you keep your baby's hat looking like new:

    Gentle Wash Only: To protect the fabric's integrity, wash your baby's hat in cold water with a moderate detergent. Bleach and other abrasive chemicals should be avoided, as they may harm the cloth and delicate baby skin.

    Air Dry: Allow your baby's hat to air dry naturally to avoid shrinkage or deformity. Keep it out of the dryer, as high heat might damage or distort the cloth.

    Store Correctly: Keep your baby's hat out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry area when not in use. This will preserve its color and form for upcoming seasons.

    A Little Planning And Preparation Will Last Through The Summer

    As we eagerly anticipate the warmth and joy that the summer season brings, it's essential to prioritize our children's protection alongside their comfort during these UV-filled days. A little planning and preparation, such as choosing the perfect summer hat for your child, can make a significant difference in ensuring they enjoy every outdoor adventure while staying shielded from the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays. 

    Rey to Z offers stylish, comfortable, yet functional hats that not only provide essential protection for their delicate skin but also help keep them cool as they play and explore nature in the heat.

    Moreover, the vast array of personalization options, from rich colors to embroidery choices, means there's a perfect hat to match every child's personality and preferences, making them happy to wear it. Probably you’ll get a bigger kick out of it seeing them in a cute hat.

    Opting for hats made from breathable, 100% cotton can further enhance comfort and protection, ensuring that your child remains safe and satisfied. Let's embrace the sunny days ahead with the right gear, laying the foundation for memorable summer adventures that prioritize health and safety without compromising on fun. Here's to a season of bright days, stylish and protective caps, and invaluable moments spent outdoors with our little ones, making every sun-drenched day a joyous and safe experience.

    Jennifer Bennett
    Jennifer Bennett