November 29, 2022

‘Tis the season, everybody! We want to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season from our Rey to Z family. 

We love this time of year; the food, the fanfare, and the family! There’s nothing quite so special as time spent together, with a present… mindset. 😉 

And speaking of time spent together, we know many of you use this time to get that annual holiday family photo. Whether they be for your yearly cards or to print and hang in your home, check out some of our tried and true tips for executing holiday family photos you’ll love. 

Planning for Family Photos 

Lean In To Silliness 

We know how stressful coordinating these moments can be. And how attached you can become to a specific vision of what you’d like your holiday family photos to look like! But trust us – no preplanned ideas can beat an authentic giggle or playful moment from your family. Let your family be free to play, laugh and get silly! 

Pick a Photographer that Makes you Feel Comfortable (and Your Kids Too!)

The energy you bring to a photoshoot shines through, so be mindful about working with someone who is on the same page with the kind of photos you want. Or consider staging the photos with a tripod and materials, and take the photos yourself! Spontaneity often leads to some of the most beautiful, candid moments. 

Check the Weather

We know. Sounds obvious, right? You’d be surprised. If you’re planning to embrace the great outdoors, be sure to also embrace a Plan B. No weather is guaranteed this time of year! And if you do get stuck outside in less-than-ideal conditions, make the most of it! Snowball fights and puddle jumping make for great action shots. 

What to Wear for Family Photos 

There are so many options, and we know that everyone has their own vision of what they want their family photos to look like.  We think there’s a time and place for all styles! Our simple rule is “comfortability is key”. Here are a few of our favorite tips. 

Cohesive Colors

Stick to a similar color palette for a cohesive look that’s not too overwhelming to the eye. Simple patterns and soft colors work well and tend to stand the test of time, regardless of the fashion trends. 

Playful Pajamas

Holiday pajamas are a classic! Take them up a notch and pair them witha  colorful beanie for the ultimate comfort look. We love this idea for DIY photographers, looking to keep things simple. 

Matchy Matchy 

There’s something so sweet about seeing your little ones dressed alike – even when they stop being so little, it never gets old. A matching element likeour  Rey to Z Hats, allows for photo-ready cohesiveness, while still allowing particular kiddos to have their “own thing”. 

Picking a Location for Family Photos

The Great Outdoors: 

Fields, farms, beaches and boats are all fair game! Wherever your family is the most comfortable is where you are likely to get the best photos. Just remember to pack back up clothing when water is involved! 

Parks and Playgrounds: 

We love the idea of family playtime! Action shots on your neighborhood playground or backyard swing set will come naturally for you and your kids. A bit too chilly where you live? Try an ice rink for a winter wonderland version of your holiday family photos! 

There’s No Place Like Home: 

This may be our favorite. Keep the photos contained to one area of your house so you don’t drive yourself crazy with cleaning and preparation. And let your kids be a part of the planning by allowing them to pick a toy or an at-home activity they’d like to show off. They’ll be all the more excited to sit through shot after shot. 

Sharing Your Family Photos 

All this work and you’re going to JUST send these on a Christmas card? We didn’t think so! 

Holiday family photos are perfect for sharing with friends and family in a variety of ways. Some of our favorite photo-sharing tips include: 

Family Newsletters: 

Nothing makes us happier than a family update! Instead of a quick and easy card this year, opt for a simple letter to those who miss you. We guarantee they’d love to know what you’ve been up to, even if the details seem small. New jobs, dance recitals, family trips, and Tooth Fairy visits all count as important updates. Pop it in an envelope with your recent photo printed out, and voila! 

Digital Photo Frames 

The perfect gift for those far-away loved ones! Digital photo frames come in a range of prices and sizes, with a whole host of swanky features to boot. We recommend purchasing and setting it up with your family holiday photos already in rotation before sending to those on your list. They’ll love it! 

Holiday Shared Albums 

To keep things simple and easy, add your family holiday photos to a shared group album and send a link to those you wish you could be with this holiday season. Encourage them to add their holiday photos too, and use the album as a way to experience each other’s holiday activities; being virtually together is the next best thing! 

Family Photos from Rey to Z

We thinkour beanies for kids, men, women, and the whole family make the coziest, winter family photo addition! And we’ve loved seeing the way Rey to Z personalized hats have evolved with our customer’s growing families over the years. But however, you choose to dress up or down for your family pictures, make sure to take the time to celebrate being all together. No photo taken together is a bad one, and the memories you make through the ups and downs of photo taking will last you just as long as the photos will. 

Enjoy this year’s festivities with your loved ones and littles, and be sure to tag us in your Rey to Z group and family photos throughout the holiday season! 

Happy Holidays! 

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett