March 01, 2024

Hey Mama! St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to get your shamrock shenanigans on! Whether you're Irish or just Irish at heart, celebrating this green filled day with your little leprechauns can be a blast. So, grab your green gear and get ready for a pot of fun ideas that'll make this St. Paddy's Day one to remember, complete withSt Patricks Day hats!

  1. Leprechaun Treasure Hunt:

What's St. Patrick's Day without a little mischief from those sneaky leprechauns? Create a treasure hunt around your house or backyard, leaving clues written on green paper or hidden under shamrock decorations. At the end of the hunt, leave a pot of gold (chocolate coins or small trinkets) for your little ones to find!

  1. DIY Shamrock Decorations:

Get crafty with your kiddos and make some DIY shamrock decorations to deck out your home. Cut out shamrock shapes from green construction paper or felt, then let your little artists decorate them with glitter, stickers, or paint. Hang them around the house for a festive touch that'll have everyone feeling lucky!

  1. Irish Inspired Snack Time:

Whip up some Irish inspired snacks for a tasty St. Paddy's Day treat! Try making shamrock shaped cookies using a cookie cutter, or get creative with green snacks like celery sticks with cream cheese or cucumber sandwiches. And don't forget to wash it all down with some green punch or limeade!

  1. Storytime with St. Patrick:

Gather your little ones for a special St. Patrick's Day storytime session. Choose books about St. Patrick himself, Irish folklore, or tales of mischievous leprechauns. Snuggle up together and enjoy some quality reading time while learning about the history and legends behind this festive day.

  1. Shamrock Crafts Galore:

Keep the crafting fun going with a variety of shamrock themed art projects. From potato stamping to paper plate wreaths, there are endless ways to get creative with shamrocks! Set up a crafting station with green paper, glue, scissors, and any other craft supplies you have on hand, and let your little ones' imaginations run wild.

  1. St. Paddy's Day Parade at Home:

Who says you need to go to a parade to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Host your very own parade at home! Dress up in your greenest attire, grab some instruments or pots and pans for makeshift drums, and march around the house or neighborhood together. Don't forget to wear yourRey to Z hats for an extra festive touch!

  1. Irish Dance Party:

Get your groove on with an Irish dance party! Put on some traditional Irish music or lively Celtic tunes, and teach your little ones some simple Irish dance moves. You can even have a dance off or create a makeshift dance floor with green streamers and balloons for added flair.

  1. Movie Night with a Celtic Twist:

Wind down after a day of St. Paddy's Day fun with a movie night featuring Irish or Celtic Themed films. Choose family friendly movies like "The Secret of Kells," "Song of the Sea," or "Brave," and cuddle up together for a cozy movie marathon complete with popcorn and green snacks.

  1. Leprechaun Trap Challenge:

Challenge your little engineers to build their very own leprechaun traps! Gather materials like shoeboxes, sticks, string, and anything else they think might catch a leprechaun. Once their traps are set, see if they can outsmart those tricky leprechauns and catch themselves a wee bit of luck! (Don’t forget to put something special near the “trap” while they aren’t around, like some gold chocolate coins for them to find!) 

  1. Bedtime Stories by Candlelight:

End the day on a magical note with bedtime stories by candlelight. Dim the lights and snuggle up together for some cozy storytelling time. Choose stories with themes of luck, magic, or adventure to send your little ones off to dreamland with hearts full of St. Paddy's Day joy.

We hope you have the best time with our pot of fun ideas for celebrating St. Patrick's Day with your little ones, complete withRey to Z hats for that extra touch of festive flair. Whether you're hunting for leprechaun treasure, getting crafty with shamrock decorations, or dancing the night away, these ideas are sure to make this St. Paddy's Day one to remember. So put on your greenest garb, gather your little leprechauns, and get ready for a day filled with shamrock shenanigans and plenty of luck o' the Irish! Cheers to a happy St. Patrick's Day!

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett