December 21, 2022

The Two Best Ways To Wash Embroidered Beanies And Other Rey to Z Hats

These Two foolproof cleaning methods are sure to leave your beanies and winter hats fresh as new without damaging any embroidery or stretching out the fabric.

After months of being stuffed under your bed and or in the back of the closet, your beanies have probably gathered some dust and must. The last thing you want is to realize in the middle of your holiday adventure or ice skating session that YOU are the one smelling bad!

Now that temperatures are falling and winter is coming, it’s time to get those  Rey to Z hats and beanies sparkling new and smelling fresh. And there are lots of other reasons to clean your winter hats before you wear them, too:

  • Eliminate any harmful germs that have found their way into the fabric
  • Protect your skin from any irritants, like chemicals 
  • Destroy any bugs or mites that are lurking in the fabric (God forbid!)
  • Remove any excess dye that could bleed onto other clothing or your skin!

But when you wash your beanie, you must be careful… Washing them the wrong way could result in damage to the embroidery, snares in the fabric, or an overall stretched-out hat. We make our products out of the highest quality materials and want to make sure you can keep wearing your Rey to Z hats for years to come.

As beanie producers, beanie wearers, and overall beanie experts, we’ve compiled three foolproof methods for washing your hats safely and effectively. They’ll come out smelling and looking good as new! Read on for the breakdown of how to execute each method to perfection.

Our Favorite Method: Hand Washing

Hand washing your hats and beanies might sound like a lot of work. But it’s actually surprisingly easy – plus! – gives you the best clean with the least risks for damage.

First, fill a bucket or sink with cold to lukewarm water. If you’re just washing a hat or two, you won’t need that much water. This is important to note as you’ll need to refill the water multiple times before the process is over.

Next add a few tablespoons of detergent and mix it into the water until you see some suds. Be careful not to use too much since you’ll be rinsing it back out of your beanie shortly!

Gently submerge your beanie or other hat into the water. Swirl your hat around in the water and allow it to soak for 15 to 20 minutes. 

If there are any particularly dirty spots or stains, you can gently rub those with your hands but there’s no need to scrub anything too vigorously. You can also opt to soak your beanie for an extra 20 to 30 minutes if you need to remove extra oil or dirt.

Remove your beanie and dump out the soapy water. Fill your tub again with cold to lukewarm water, re-submerge your beanie and swirl it around for another few minutes. Repeat this process until the water runs clean and there’s no soap left.

Important note! It may seem easier to just run your beanie directly under the faucet, however, this method will only rinse part of your beanie and you run the risk of hurting its shape. Also, resist the temptation to ring out your beanie as this can also damage the embroidery and stretch out the fabric.

Once you’re confident that you’ve removed all the soap from your hat, go ahead and drain the water and put your tub away. 

To dry your beanie, lay it out flat on a clean towel for a few hours. Again, resist the urge to squeeze out any extra water or wring out your beanie. Patience is the name of the game here! In just a few hours, your beanie will be dry and clean as new.

The Gentle Cycle

We understand how busy life gets. Especially if you run a household with a crowd of little ones or extended family around, hand washing each beanie isn’t always an option. Though we still stand by hand washing as thebestoption, we introduce a faster one: the gentle cycle.

The first thing you’ll want to do is throw your beanies into a garment bag. This will ensure they don’t get snagged during the cycle or eaten by your washer. If you have a lot of beanies to wash, you can use multiple bags to make sure each one gets its proper soap and suds. If you’re in a pinch without a garment bag, you can use a pillowcase!

Set your washing machine to the lowest temperature setting available. This is typically 78 degrees or below. Use a gentle detergent and don’t use too much – these are small items, not heavy-duty loads of towels!

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re on the most gentle cycle. Some washers have delicate cycles built in, or you can look for spin strength. Be sure to turn that setting down to low.

Even though we rely on the machine for this method,do noteven think about putting your beanie in the drier! This puts your hat at risk of shrinking or being damaged. Problems we want to avoid!

Instead, lay your beanie out on a clean towel in a cool, airy place. If your hat has a natural structure you want to maintain, you can stuff towels inside to keep the shape. 

Your beanie shouldn’t take longer than a few hours to dry, but feel free to flip it inside out if you want to speed up the process! Be sure to triple-check that it’s fully dry before you wear it – putting on a half-damp beanie will make you frozen!

These two washing methods are our go-to ways to wash our winter hats and keep them looking brand new. During the cold months, try to wash your beanie every few weeks or each month, depending on how much you wear it. 

We hope these tips and tricks help you keep your beanies looking good as new. But we also know you may be eager to add to your collection! From our pink baseball hat to royal blue hats and beanies, Rey to Z has all the winter hats (beanie for kids, beanies for men, beanies for women) you need to stay stylish and warm this winter!

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett