September 24, 2020

Even though trick-or-treating plans are up in the air this year, our kids are still talking about costumes, and we're on the hunt for fun ways to celebrate Halloween and show off our costumes. 

We're all about EASY costumes, which is why we love using items you already own, or that you will continue to wear after Halloween - hence including a Letter Baseball Hat as part of your costume.  1) Kids already love wearing hats 2) You can wear before/during/after Halloween 3) Investing in personalized pieces that kids won't grow out of quickly is well worth it.

Sharing a few of our favorite halloween costume ideas here!

1) A League of Their Own - red hats can be found here

2) Mario and Luigi - use items from your own house, or buy these cute Target pajamas and add a personalized hat!

3) Alvin and the Chipmunks - get the siblings or a little crew together for the famous chipmunks

4) Mike from Monsters Inc - there are some pretty cute costumes out there for this one, and we thinking topping it off with our Navy Letter Hat would be perfect!

5) Huey dewey and Louie - three kiddos, three baseball hats, three sweatshirts - done!
6) Three Little Pigs - how cute would three little kids be, dressed head to toe in light pink (sweatshirts, tutus, joggers, etc.)? You could even temporarily attach light pink felt ears to a pink baseball hat. 
7) Parcel Service Person - USPS, UPS, or Fedex all have some cute kid costumes out there, and adding a hat is the perfect personalized touch!
Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett